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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

I hope that your weekend has been great so far!
It has been a busy week and weekend over here...
involving sawdust and big changes happening.
And I also did a bit of work behind the scenes on another big project-
 and of course, played with some flowers and a rustic cake.

The Big Kid

My big kid has been home this week to help with demo and redo on the living room project.
And it has been so good for filling up my heart to have all 3 of my babies home again.
It is one of the things I miss so often and can hardly wait for.
It just seems like those babies grew up so fast and I just love having all 3 of them home at one time.
Soaking it up.
I wrote a post several years ago about my heart at home- and it kind of sums up a lot of what I have feeling this week.
You can read the post about my Heart at Home here

The Big project 

That project...
You see... with my dad being a contractor- he sees possible projects everywhere
and  good news-  he knows how to do them which is amazing.
 But he also tends to minimize work and commented that our house was not going to be a big job at all the first time he saw it.
Which he later took back at least a dozen times haha. 
 So, when he tells us a project will be a bit of a doozy...
 we tend to get a little nervous about tackling it. 

This project was one he thought might be a bit of a chunk.
So we hesitated... rehashed if we realllly wanted to tackle it-
and then jumped it because we knew that we absolutely did.
And the good news- this project has been going much quicker and easier and much less messy than we anticipated-
and it is looking incredible already.
So excited to share soon... is anyone available to help me paint?

Working on

I have a long photo shoot list to tackle in the coming weeks-
and it involves flowers, travel and even some Christmas.
Oh yes, it is that time of year again. Working ahead for the holiday season.

And I love it. love it. love it.

In other news

I am shopping for architectural salvage and falling in love with everything that I have found so far. Which is good and bad haha. One of the projects on the to-do list is 'new' old doors in a few spots- and I am looking at tall doors with transom window.  If anyone has a great source for shopping online- please share.

I may have a bucket of peonies sitting in my bedroom right now. It has been chilly here this week with random rain even- and they are waiting for sunshine to fully open. Which means, some of those photo shoots are waiting as well.

I caught up with one of my good friends this week on the phone. Chatting with KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms is always a good thing. She has so much insight and good energy and I just adore her kind heart. I know you are already familiar with her amazing style and blog- but if not, check it out. You will fall in love with it. 

Weekly Newsletter

It is something I have been thinking about for awhile now- and I decided to tackle it and give it a go.
I will be honest, it may be an every two week newsletter- haha- but I am going to make an effort 
to send it out each week with behind the scenes peeks, news and latest and greatest posts-and some exclusive things just for subscribers as well.

If you would like to be on the emailing list- 
would love to have you!

A short and sweet weekend view today- but will see you tomorrow for a peek at something new- and later this week for summer tips with friends.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. If I lived closer I would come over and help you paint :) But I m TX, have you looked at rafterhouse not sure they say Design and build. So they may be able to share sources. The photo's look great.

  2. or try

  3. I'd come help just to see all the pretty. I've tried to imagine where you live, but am stumped.
    Have you heard of Heritage Salvage in Petaluma? It's about 40 minutes north of Sausalito. I know you requested on line sources, and they're generally a little more burley less dainty, but if you're ever in the neighborhood, check it out. Last visit, there were amazing parts of a church.