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Friday Favorites- Choosing the Perfect White Paint

Have you ever had a project that you needed the perfect shade of white paint for... 
and picked up samples and taped them up on your wall 
and stood back 
and realized that none of them are right?

And so you pick up a few more. And a few more. And so on.
And then as you stare at all those white paint chips that don't work
 you think.... there must be no less than 8,257 shades of white 
so how are you going to be able to choose the right one?

White paint is so much more than just white paint. 
Whites can lean pink, blue, gray, ivory, yellow and to infinity and beyond. 
And then there is the name. Oh how I fall in love with a name and the idea of that color. 
I can't help it.

And so yes, I am currently knee deep in cans of white paint.  Enough cans of paint for the house... because I have a ton of photos to take for the book and those walls are looking like they need a refresh to me. And I am enlisting the help of my husband and kinds... oh they love me and my project lists, I tell you. ;)

 And if you are like me- and you are on the hunt for the elusive perfect shade of white for your home- know that you are not alone. And the struggle is real.
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Happy Friday Favorites everyone!


  1. Oh how I feel your pain on choosing that perfect shade of white! I recently took a colour course and now have a few solid whites that pretty well always work depending on the shade I need. There's Benjamin Moore Simply White, Cloud White and White Dove. I start with those 3 and go from there!
    Natasha Kalita

  2. Good morning Courtney! I saw my sister's cabinets painted in Simply White and they are gorgeous! This white seems to let all the other objects in the room light up. It will probably be my new kitchen cabinet color too. Have a great weekend!

  3. I painted the whole house in a white that at first read too purple then another room that read too blue - I think it really depends on where the sun is for most people.

    White. Makes. Me. CRAZY!

  4. Ha! My husband and I had the same problem trying to choose a khaki color!!!! What looks like "the one" on the sample, turns out too dark on the wall!! We ended up buying several sample jars (Home Depot) and had 4 different color samples painted on all 4 walls. Some across from windows to see how they looked when the daylight hit them. Once the samples were dry we were able to pick one. I really wish the paint samples would come in 8x10 sizes, it would give a more accurate visual!!! I'd even be willing to pay for each large sample.....maybe $.20 would be worth it.

    1. I believe Kristie Barnette, "the Decorologist" sells those larger samples, and she has great color advice....:-)

  5. Elegant French bathroom.
    Where may one purchase sconce? Mirror?


  6. I picked BM Simply White paint years ago for our trim and I loved it!! Slap my forehead!! Why didn't I pick it for the walls too?? Our house is little and needs the brightness. Thanks for reaffirming my original choice. Happy Sunday!