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Invitation to an Exclusive Insider Tour at High Point Market

High Point Market.... where to begin? 
So much inspiration. 

It is full of beautiful pieces and amazing showrooms 
and I pretty much always want to come home and change everything in my house.  
Of course, I don't change everything -
 but what I do-
is come home full of new ideas and inspired by various 
pieces or stylings I have seen while at Market.

And if you have ever been to Market- you know just how much inspiration there is.
 Every corner.
 Every showroom. 
 It requires at least 3 different pairs of shoes of varying comfort levels to navigate several days. 
I kid you not. I start with pretty heels and wrap it up with comfortable.

After having attended High Point for several years and Markets- 
I know my go-to not going to miss them spots. 
You know, the ones where you walk through the doors and stand in the center of the showroom 
and wish you could ship the entire.showroom. back to yourself. 

Market is HUGE. 
Howhich showrooms to go to, where to spend your time, where to find exactly what you are looking for. 

 Something fun... this market I have been asked to lead an Industry Insiders Tour of my absolute favorite go-to showrooms. The ones that I could spend hours devouring every little detail in.  The ones where I find them speaking my language and the ones where I am ordering pieces for my own home. 
From furniture to accessories to vintage- it is an exclusive shopping experience - and even more fun- I get to bring some of you along with me. Yes, indeed!

Here are the details:

The Insiders Tour is for a group of Interior Designers/ Buyers/ Store Owners who have not
attended Market the past 4 Markets. (2 years)  and who are planning to attend this fall.

You will be invited to attend an Invitation Only Networking Event on
Friday evening at Pandora's Manor

And join me for a Saturday of inspiration-
 a tour sharing some of my favorite showrooms with you
  introducing you to their brands,
getting you set up to work with them and set up accounts to sell products
and provide the most amazing pieces to your clients and for your store.

And best of all- it will be
We get to run around and get inspired while shopping together exclusively at Market.
It is like a day with friends at all things home inspired Disneyland
 for designers.

What could be more fun than that? 

Ready to sign up? 
Spaces are super limited so don't wait to apply and grab yours.

And hope to see YOU at High Point Market this fall! 

I partnered with Esteem Media and High Point Market to bring you an exclusive
shopping experience at High Point Market but all showroom choices and opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Courtney! I submitted an application to attend HIgh Point Market. It'd be fun to be there and write about all the latest design trends. Here's hoping for a chance!

    💕 Barb 😊

  2. Ah, I was hoping that some of your readers like me, not "in the business", would be able to do some great shopping through you for a day. That would be fun!:)

    1. I know!! It would be so much fun! Maybe they will open it up to more :)

  3. I have been to this market a couple of times. I would just love to meet you if possible. I love your blog and decorating!! Let me know if we can meet?

  4. Oh you are so right in the wanting to bring it all home aspect! I remember standing in the Eloquence Showroom and thinking, I could live in this showroom! Yes, we all have our favs; however, the entire Market is just much beauty in one venue! Hope to make it to the Fall Market. As you know, I am looking forward to receiving a piece of furniture that I saw at the Market and "dreamed" of having...Soon I will be "dreaming" in that piece! :)

  5. Oh, this would have been excellent but I don't have a business.