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Treasure Hunting- a vintage laundry sink for the greenhouse

I love a good treasure hunt.
One that starts with a vision for that perfect something and the crazy of a busy flea market.
And  leisurely meandering through the aisles of this and that and the other thing that are just perfect for the right person waiting to find them.

And that moment... you know the one. 
THE moment you find the item that is exactly what you were looking for and perfect for YOU.

Your heart races. 
Your palms get sweaty. 
You start to feel just a little bit faint. 
And then you hear it.
That little voice that sounds a whole like Adele whispering softly to you. 
The voice that says... 

'Hello... It's me...' 

And you know that you 

And as you walk/run towards it- in what feels like slow motion
you notice someone else eyeing it and admiring it-
 and you aren't having that.

So that pace picks up into a mad dash bolt and you knock at least 3 people over 
and send their coffee flying as you leap through the air
 and then land with a thud- 
laying your body over YOUR treasure to claim it.

Okay. Maybe it isn't exactly like that - but it is in your mind. 
At least mine.
 Thankfully- no people have ever been knocked over or even had spilled coffee on their shirts when I have made a mad dash towards a must have treasure. (it has happened) 
But you know, if I was a treasure hunting super hero-
the story would involve much more excitement.

Todays treasure hunting doesn't always involve a flea market or tag sale though.
 Now we can go onto websites and shop for exactly what we are looking for. 
And that is what happened with this treasure.

Though the story isn't as exciting as finding it in a lonely aisle at a flea market- I found it on a piece of lonely property in the mountains and knew it was THE one. 
I had been thinking of adding a sink to the greenhouse since we built it. 
One where I could pot plants, wash things if need be and frankly- 
take a few sink filled with flowers photos. 
I know. 
This is how my brain works. 

And I knew just what that sink looked like.
It was vintage. It was tall. It was stately and charming and rusty and crusty and everything in between.

It was an old laundry sink. 
One that was concrete or soapstone. 
And frankly, that weighed a ton.
I found this one on Craigslist- 
and scored it for just $25 because of a few reasons.

#1. It is HEAVY and HUGE. 
Like 4' long and solid concrete. Most of these are broken up and tossed it seems. It took several of us to load it and unload it.

#2. It is cracked. 

#3. It is crusty. 
(Which was actually a win in my book)

I am not as concerned about the cracks- it is in the greenhouse- 
we have a gravel floor so water goes right on back into the earth-  
and the sink it concrete so I can patch it with a concrete patch and fix it.

For now- 
it is sitting on a makeshift wooden base of old boards from the house 
(renovations galore over here) 
but it will be getting a pretty little more permanent spot soon.

And yes, the very first thing I did after spraying it a bit to get the loose dirt from sitting for 30 years out in the elements off- and then fill it with flowers and take a few photos.
Welcome to my crazy 'you know... that would make a great photo' world.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Beautiful photo<3 and love the juxtaposition of pretty and rustic. I was laughing when you wrote about the crazy behavior that surrounds antiquing. I always make sure I'm wearing good sturdy shoes:)

  2. Love the grudginess! Great price and can't wait when you show how it finds it's final resting place. xo- maryjo

  3. Great find, Courtney!!!
    Loved this post, photos, and your description. My heart was racing and did the same thing...but mine may have actually stopped when I saw one sitting on the side of my daughter and son-in-law's barn. Unfortunate for me, it already belongs to his's still just sitting there and every time I see it, I just sigh (and secretly wish it was mine). =)

  4. Such a pretty the flowers!!

  5. What a great idea. I learn so much from you. Now I'll want one!

  6. What a treasure!!! I know what you mean about finding that treasure you were looking for!

  7. My heart flutters too when I see something that is just perfect...actually NOT perfect at all, but perfect for me!! I found a BIG "rusty" eye hook on the sidewalk, while walking with friends, and by my reaction you would have thought I'd found a $100 bill! Of course, I have the perfect place for it! Perfect seems to be the word of the day, but it's not in my world! Love your "perfect" blog!!

  8. Fun!!! What a great find! Years ago we had a big horse trough on our property in Shingle Springs and I've often thought it would have made a great garden sink. Happy planting!!! 🤗💕

  9. It's a beauty Courtney...what a great find! I cannot wait to plan my future greenhouse! Have a great week!

  10. This is perfectly perfect! I love how it's patina and beauty found you! ;) I love treasure hunting and hearing that call...pick me!