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Keeping things clean the easy way

Have you ever had a project that seemed to drag on and on and on... 
and that every time you wrapped something up-
something else had an issue 
and your to-do list was right back where you started?

Some of the projects in our house have felt like they have been going on since we bought our house. And new projects crop up all the time- that is how it is.

But the fun part is when you notch something off your to-do list and can do a happy dance. And there were some fun changes in the kitchen and laundry room a couple weeks ago that are making me do just that.
Do you remember that new floor I shared recently?
The one with the dark wood and raised grain details that is super pretty contrast 
with the white cupboards? 
It went allll the way down the hall, through the laundry room and down the other hall. 

And it is DONE. 
I want to put my socks on and dance it looks so pretty. 
And finished.


And speaking of might notice a few new faces in here. 

You might remember that we have been shopping for a new washer and dryer after our old one quit one day out of the blue without giving 2 weeks’ notice. 
Which means the local laundromat has been our new best friend. 

And while we appreciate that laundromat...we were anxious and ready to welcome a couple new friends to the house and here they are.

Aside from the fact that they are pretty- these new Maytag® Front Load 
washer and dryer make my life a whole lot easier by getting the laundry clean the first time.
 Like those socks.... no bleach required because that washer must have some magical powers… or it could just be the PowerWash® cycle with extra cleaning action.
I also love how incredibly quiet they are getting the job done- and since we don't have a dedicated laundry room where you can close the door and forget about it- that is extra fantastic.

And the interior light that shines inside when you open the door- means no one gets left behind when moving the laundry to the dryer.

Laundry tips

 #1. Baskets
Grab a pretty basket to store dirty clothes- and another for clean ones waiting to be put away.
I love French style laundry baskets for that reason.
Charming and pretty to look at
and they hold a dryer full of clothes without looking messy.

#2. Stain removers and detergents in glass
I have been known to get a stain on something while out and about-
 and forget to soak it and it won't come out of the wash looking clean.
Something I have learned is to use a little bit of an oxy type cleaner scrubbed onto the stain before washing- and those detergents can be stored in pretty glass containers on the top of the washer for a pretty and organized look.

#3. Pretty storage and display 
Use those shelves above the washer and dryer for storage without cluttering them.
I love to load up on bottles of soaps such as dishwashing soap, hand soap and shampoo and conditioner- and if they are in a nice bottle- you can enjoy the look of them 
while keeping extras on hand.
If they aren't- try a small basket for holding them until you are ready to use.

And down the hall back in the kitchen... I have another new piece who is related to these two.
Someone special who helps keep my counters clean and my farmhouse sink empty.
All the time and who never complains and hardly makes a peep when doing the job.

Yes, I know she is a dishwasher. But she is a 
Maytag® Dishwasher with some pretty powerful features so she deserves a name.
And can I tell you a secret? 
We almost threw in the towel on having a dishwasher at all and turned that dishwasher space into a space for baskets because they were always so noisy and we had to run loads 3x to get anything clean and it was frustrating. 
So we started skipping the load and unload steps and hand washing instead. 
Luckily we have her PowerBlast™ cycle to remove our stuck-on food with high pressure spray jets, increased temperature and hot steam
Thankfully, Martha gets the job done the first time- and I don't even know she is doing it she is so quiet.. So instead of running around keeping everything clean and tidy for upcoming photos shoots and holiday entertaining- I am back to dancing in my socks and playing with flowers while my new bffs take care of the work.

Kitchen tips

#1. Load it up
If you have a dishwasher- use it- even before it is full and ready to run.
Stack those dishes inside instead of filling up the sink or placing them on the counter.
 Instantly looks more tidy.

#2. Clear the counters 
Don't forget that something simple like putting away appliances and other things that sit on counters when they aren't in use.
The toaster or even the coffee maker can be tucked away in a cupboard if they aren't used everyday.
And any other things that tend to land on the counters- like fresh fruit and veggies- try a pretty basket
or bowl to keep them out for enjoying while keeping the kitchen counters clean.

#3. Add fresh flowers 
Don't underestimate the power of something like a bouquet of flowers on the island.
Fresh flowers next to a bowl of fruit adds instant freshness and makes your whole kitchen feel a bit more tidy and ready for company.

All kidding aside,  so far I am impressed with these appliances.
And from the first time we used them - how quiet they are 
and how well they get the job done.
So, if you are looking for any new bffs to help make your life easier at your home- take a peek on their website. Maytag retailers are even offering a sale from November 1 – November 29 so now is your chance to buy one of Martha’s relatives. 

Check out the deals at


I am a Maytag partner and am working with them but all opinions and
love and appreciation for Martha are my own.


  1. Your post made me smile. Your new floors are beautiful and I completely relate to your excitement over them. When we moved into our home 16 years ago, we added hardwood floors throughout and it was one of the biggest and best changes we made. They added so much warmth and beauty. I also understand the continued projects, so the appliance sell couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you and have a great day!

  2. Love your new bff's!!! That'll be something we look at as we move into our nest house as my washer/dryer are both over 20 years old. 😊💕
    Enjoy them all!

    Barb 😊🌟

  3. I like Maytag appliances. That's what we have at our lake cabin, and we have another brand here in town that I cannot stand, especially in the laundry room. When we have a lake weekend planned, i've been known to pack up our laundry and take it to the lake just because our clothes are cleaner.

    Your laundry area and kitchen are so pretty!

  4. I'm so glad Your floors are completed. They look lovely,along with the Laundry Area. Yes Courtney,Your Washer/Dryer are "MAGIC". I know mine are as well. I too named my Dishwasher, her name is "Altamarazzia". This makes Our Lives a lot more relaxed when appliances have personalities. Thank You for sharing. Laters,MJ♥

  5. Glad to know the Maytag washer gets clothes clean....that will be my next purchase! I know exactly what you are talking about when dishwashers don't clean and are noisey....

  6. New floors and a gorgeous (and quiet) space to do laundry, so pretty Courtney!

  7. Oh that's funny....I name my appliances...well some anyway...
    Glad they are working!!

  8. I've heard front loading washers do not clean as well as top loading and mine take a beating. I wash either every day or if I leave it until the weekend we are talking 5 loads.

    1. I love my fr0nt loading and the pedestal with extra storage is my favorite

  9. I have had a front load washer for quite some years now. It washed great. And I leave the door open to let it dry out. The only thing I miss is not being able to soak clothes by leaving the lid up. But I wouldn't trade the extra space on top for anything.

  10. I renovated the kitchen in a rental I own about 8 years ago. Used all Maytag appliances. I really love the way they look and they seem to be holding up quite well under the heavy use they get from the large families who rent my house. If I have to replace any of them in the future, it won't cost me an arm and a leg, either.