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Weekend View

Happy Weekend everyone.

Crisp cool mornings, campfires and warm roasty toasty fires... 
must be fall starting to appear here and there.
 And those colorful leaves popping up are a beautiful sight on my morning jogs.

This week, the weekend view is all about weddings, 
apple orchards & pretty little flowers in a vintage sink.

Wedding Shenanigans

My baby brother got married last weekend- and yes, I missed the weekend view 
after a couple of days of running around and busy work.
I apologize!

 It was a gorgeous wedding full of twinkly lights, a beautiful bride and this handsome groom who hammed it up behind the scenes. (and this photo pretty much perfectly sums up Evan's personality)

And it was so fun for me to see my two boys who were in the wedding party as groomsmen. 
They were all dressed up and looking so dapper.

My oldest son Ryan.

My middle guy Cullan. 

Apple Picking

We have a tiny apple orchard at the back of our property- but not one that yields much of a bounty in apples each year. So with autumn photo shoots for the blog and my book- we wandered on over to a big apple orchard that let us browse the rows of apples and clip what we would like.

There is something about wandering through the rows of apple trees on the hillside and just enjoying that view that says 'autumn'. Seriously, we need more acreage with more fruit trees and garden areas. It kind of reminded me of Minnesota and the abundance of crop fields and tractors rolling around and that nostalgic kind of charm that came with it.

We discovered a new to us apple variety that I think may be the most gorgeous apples we have seen. They are called Arkansas Black Apples and are this amazing rich shade of deep purple red- they look very similar to plums. 

They were not ready to be picked just yet- but the orchard owner pointed us in that direction knowing we had the photo shoot deadline- and yes, we will be going back on over in another week or two when they are ready and picking a few more.

In other news

My Book
My book photos are almost all.done. Almost.
I am onto Christmas in another week or so.  Which means, more trees going up. 
Yes, I may have already put up 2 this season... and one has stayed. 
Oh and for those who are wondering, 
yes, the Home Alone soundtrack is already on repeat. 

Money in your pocket

There is a big old giveaway celebrating Romantic Homes Magazine new look on their website. 
It is sponsored by Soft Surroundings and you definitely should
 enter for a chance to win $600 towards whatever you would like.  

Coming your way

More autumn stylings (yes!) 
a simple table elegant table setting for autumn
details on that amazing vintage laundry sink 
I picked up recently.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Good looking couple! Have a blessed Sunday, Courtney!

  2. beautiful flowers in what looks like window box. What are they please

  3. I love Arkansas Black apples. Not that I've actually ever eaten one. They are beautiful, and they smell wonderful, but last year little kids beat me to them. Hoping to get to actually eat one this fall!

  4. Congratulations to the Newlyweds! You have very handsome sons too:). That is a very interesting looking apple, wonder how it tastes? Happy October!
    Kathleen in Az

  5. Congrats to your brother and his new bride!!! The was sink looks cool.

  6. Thanks for introducing me to this new to me website!! I am going to be there for a while! This is such a great give-away as Soft Surroundings!!

  7. Hi Courtney, you must be so proud of your bother. Weddings bring in so much joy. I just have to thank you for the beauty that you bring me every morning as I sip my coffee and read my emails. Thank you for inspiration by the tons! Happy Fall!
    xoxo Jo

  8. Congratulations to your brother and his bride! Looks like the wedding was lovely. 💕

  9. Loved the photos of the wedding and your handsome men...and oh those apples!!! ... Have to find some as they fit would fit into my Fall decor beautifully!....Congrats to the happy couple!