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Coffee, kitchen gift ideas and a peek

I am one of those girls who loves espresso...

A delicious little cup of that bold coffee will do anytime- 
 and of course,
 the occasional specialty treat like a mocha is always a good thing.

I am a Macy's partner but all opinions are my own.

There is something about sipping a decadent specialty coffee out of a pretty cup
that makes you feel like you are in a European cafe just enjoying the moment.
With the hustle and bustle of the holidays in full swing- it is a perfect time to take a minute,
take a sip and regroup before the busy.

 Thanksgiving is literally just.around.the.corner. As in a couple days away.
Honestly, I am not sure how that happened already...
does anyone else feel like it snuck up on them?
And with friends and family filling the house and a growing to-do list-
I am tanking up on a bit of extra caffeine
 and loving this simple yet decadent specialty coffee maker.

So much so... that I am planning on gifting one this year
and the other thing on my list- white baking and cookware.
I am totally obsessed with all things white and stoneware in the kitchen
and I might have a stack of these on a shelf on the island.

They are great for cooking and storing extras and they are super inexpensive.
Since all 3 of our babies have moved out and are starting out in their own 
apartments- a set of these are perfect for getting them started.

What is on your gifting list this year?

I am excited to be a Macy's partner this year and if you are like me- you have already started shopping. Sharing some amazing deals with you if you are looking for Black Friday prices 
before Black Friday:

Save up to 50% off right now- I am loving these for gifting (and keeping) 

 Lagostina copper pots and pans 

And don't forget to use code SCORE for an extra savings.

I am off to make another espresso and deck the halls a bit more
but one more thing... 
Persimmons...can we talk about them for a minute?
Seriously not sure I had ever tried a persimmon before this year... and not sure where I have been.
But those of you familiar-how do you eat them? 
Would love your favorite recipes if you have any.
(And did you catch that tiny sneak of the new island?)

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I did catch a peep at your island and it's glorious! I've been wanting this drapery table for my own kitchen since the owners first brought it to market. I need a different depth so talking with a wood worker to see if he can make it happen. Marble topping this off makes me swoon. If it ultimately won't work for the kitchen, it will go somewhere else in my home as I love it that much. Congratulations and have a wonderful day!

  2. Don't you just love the Corningware French White? So versatile. I like the gift ideas you've shared, Courtney! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


  3. Courtney, I'm in love with those coffee cups! Are they available somewhere?



  4. I also love coffee,my machine stopped working after 7 years so had to buy another one this excited when it came its a Delongi Nespresso...also bought one for Christmas for my Granddaughter who will love it :)

  5. absolutely love your gorgeous teacups! where did you get them? love everything!!

  6. Persimmons are wonderful made into cookies! Soft and chewy... yummy goodness! 😋
    I have a 30 year old recipe that I haven't made in many years. Will post up if I make it here soon. I can send it to you if you'd like? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!!

    Xoxo Barb 😊💕

  7. Also, is Macy's selling those beautiful coffee cups you have on your island? They are lovely!