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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view. 

And the question of the day that everyone is wondering....
with that time change-
 did you sleep in or get up early?

What time is it anyway?

With daylight savings times in some places- that means you can get up early... 
and it really isn't early. 
Well technically it is- but yesterday it wasn't. 
I have to be honest, I have always been a bit baffled by the whole daylight savings thing.
So... yeah. 
I slept in a little but. 
And then got up and felt like I had a boost for the start of the day when I saw the clock
and it was really the same time as yesterday morning- but said I was an early bird.

All things Merry and Bright 

I am decking the halls over here... and then un-decking the halls and then RE-decking the halls. It has been one of those weeks. Mainly because I am grabbing a few stylings that are exclusive to my book- and so... that means a room is ready for Christmas. Not Christmas. And Christmas again all in the same week. 

Coffee. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

This week has been a bit of a coffee overload week. Between that holiday decorating and un-decorating- I have hit the road on a road trip with the truck packed to the hilt and Sweet Pea and Mr. Weenie (my grand dog) in tow. 

We drove up into the mountains and through the woods. We saw snow in areas. And then dropped back on down the other side and found ourselves in another state. Driving through Tahoe is always so beautiful- and I don't know why we don't venture up that way more often. 
Though this time of year- it is because that weather might be a bit snowy.

After driving through Reno- we stopped  in a little old western town for a few hours of exploring  before the busy. We took a ghostly tour of a haunted mansion, wandered through neighborhoods that had door built with square nails and lights that had round switches- and then got to work.

My Youngest

My baby baby. Right hand girl. BFF. and weekend work and play partner. I am talking about my youngest baby- my daughter Ansley. 

She moved out on her own last week to the Reno area.
And I have to tell you, I thought I was all good until she was really moving that next day...
and then I made a mistake of putting This is Us on. 
Yeah, not a good idea. The puffy eye game was way into overtime the next day. 
I am so proud of my kids and the amazing people they have become- and am excited to see them flourish... but I also want to see them everyday in my kitchen...eating all the food.

She is my youngest and her leaving the nest signals another chapter. 
I know so many of you know the feeling... let's hope those kids need to do some grocery shopping and laundry soon. :) 

Traveling Beach Bike Calendar

Several of you have asked about the second edition of the Traveling Beach Bicycle Calendar. I have been so busy with various projects that I haven't been loading up my bike and traveling as much -so am running a bit behind on that one. I may be able to put together a floral inspired or something along those lines calendar this year- so please stay tuned. And as always-thank you for your kind notes and support of my various ventures.

Coming your way: 

Details about that vintage rug I picked up (and a peek at our new/old ceiling in the living room) 
A peek at the first bit of Christmas that has been appearing in my (not quite finished) kitchen
a few more favorites from High Point
and a holiday recipe for Thanksgiving
and more.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Hi Courtney,
    It sounds like you have a lot going on and I can't wait to see your lovely Christmas decor this year. Both of the Romantic Homes magazines are amazing and I have been pouring over them to start my Christmas decorating this week. Being a interior design blogger gives me the excuse to start early and I love it.
    When you talked about your daughter leaving the nest I had a flash from the past when my daughter got married. I was driving home from work and happen to pass my daughter in her car going the other way. I noticed that her car was stuffed with things. When I got home I realized what it was stuffed with - my stuff! lol They were poor collage students and needed groceries so she did her grocery shopping in my food storage room! I love that I could share and help out. I do love to have my children come home and this is a time of year to re choice in homecomings!
    Have a wonderful week!
    xoxo Jo

  2. Your daughter is so lovely!
    Oh, Yes! I do know that feeling! My youngest lived part-time at home before she got married. Her husband bought a house and she lived there - went to college before they got married - then stayed at home during the weekends. She was my right-hand and crafty, DIY partner. It is awesome to see them blossom and for relationships to mature and grow. Now when we all get together we have a great time. I'm going to be a Grandma next Spring...I'm so excited. It's such an amazing blessing to be a Mom - whatever stage we're at! Have a blessed day,