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Weekend View

It's the weekend view... 
A little of this, a little of that and everything in between.

This week it is all about Christmas, shopping mishaps and The Book.

Decking the halls

Would you believe I am decking the halls yet? 
In between the busy of November and wrapping up some other projects- some of my Christmas decor going up is behind. 
So... today, I am working on wrapping up another styling that I will be sharing next week.
And seriously.
How is Christmas already just 2 weeks away? 

Shopping till the cart stopped rolling

In I am a comedy routine news.... 
the other day, I literally shopped until the cart dropped.

The other day, I was shopping at HomeGoods that isn't my usual one for Christmas everything. Decor, tabletop, gifts... even some grand dog gifts.
And I loaded that cart to the top. I probably had about 8 bags full of various things- some which were heavy like cutting boards, etc. And as I meandered out of the store, I glanced through the parking lot to see what row and where we had parked. HomeGoods was PACKED. And we were about 4 rows over at the very end of the row. So... I started pushing that cart with it's wacky wheels over speed bumps and past cars and I finally got to the row we were parked in.

I turned and started towards the back when the cart stopped rolling. I figured the front wheel grabbed something like a shoelace and was stuck. I pulled it back, and tried to go forward and nothing. I wrestled with it for several minutes wondering what in the heck was going on.  
Then moved the the front and tried to pull the cart. I tried to LIFT the front of the cart up and pull it- and  IT would not budge. And so there I was. With a full cart of stuff stuck right behind a parked car. 
I saw another cart not too far away and wandered over to grab it- and it would not roll either. And I was like what in the world is wrong with these carts.
And thought maybe I should work out a bit harder from now on... because... geez. haha.
Then I looked around figuring someone was pranking me.
 Like- one of those guys was going to step out and say 'Surprise! You are on Candid Camera.'  
They were watching me push, pull, drag, lift... and laughing hysterically at me.
Heck, I was starting to laugh.
 It was INSANE. 

Then a guy walked by and smiled and said
 'The wheels have locks on them' 
And I laughed and said
 'They must have something! It's crazy.'  
And he said
 'No, they literally do have locks on them. You can't take them this far from the store.' 

And my first thought was WOW. 
My second was That is INSANE. Especially during this time of year when your cart might be overfilled.   And yet.... my car was down at the end of the aisle and I was not getting there with this cart. 
He offered to help carry my 8 bags of stuff to my car- but just as we were going to do that- a guy with a cart from a different store showed up and gave it to me.  I must have looked like I needed help. haha.  And I moved all my stuff and rolled on my merry way... yes, admittedly still looking around for those candid camera guys.


On Monday, I sat down early in the morning and picked up my writing where it had left off the day before. I wrote this, deleted that, wrote it again in a different way... and then got to the end of the book. The end where you sum things up. Or offer some amazing full circle thought. And I struggled.
I stared. I wrote. I deleted. 

And I sipped more coffee. And started again. And I finished.the.manuscript and sent it to my publisher. Big moment over here- even though it is just one step in the whole steps to that publish date. But... it was a big one folks. I have just a few photos left to take (since the lens issue) and I am sure there will be tweaks and more along the way- but one step closer to seeing that dream come to life.

And in case you missed my post from earlier this week- 
Balsam Hill is donating money to help Alzheimer's Association with every
 like, comment and share on Facebook
and every comment on my blog post equals $2.00 more
Find the post with details here:

And coming your way~
a closer look at the bedroom mantel styling- and sharing a few favorites tips on styling your own mantel.
Gift ideas in case you are shopping yet (like me) 
A simple and easy way to put together a perfect holiday cheese board
And a holiday pie with pretty blooms.

Happy Random Weekend everyone.


  1. Thank you Balsam Hill for bringing Alzheimers to the forefront during this Christmas season. Everyone either has a friend or family member this has happened to or knows the debilitating effects it has on a person. Remember these during this season and share the love of Jesus with them. God bless you!

  2. Oh how funny! I've been teasing my my teenager that I'm going to put locks the her car so it can't driven any further than the high school and back. A big congrats on getting your book off to the publisher. I'm excited to get one of the copies when it's out! A huge fan here of the photos on your blog and instagram, so I know the book is going to be fabulous too.

    1. hahahah!! Love that idea!! Who knows- it might be a thing. ;) Thanks so much about the book! I am excited, nervous, a bit exhausted... and all in the best way. :)

  3. Courtney,
    That picture of the flowers in the chair is styled just perfectly. I can't wait until the book comes out. I'm glad you were able to wrap up a couple projects so maybe you can get some R & R over the holidays. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you so much!! :) And yes, looking forward to relaxing a bit and enjoying the holiday season! I hope you have a beautiful holiday season too!

  4. The cart incident is hysterical. I would have laughed so hard at the absurdity of the situation, I mean, what else could you do? So happy. Someone came to your rescue with a free rolling cart! They really should warn you about the locking wheels! I love your blog and all the beautiful pictures. Cannot wait to have your book!

    1. Haha. I admit that I even had to start laughing. I thought I was was crazy until that guy told me about the carts. haha. :)

  5. Please ignore and delete my previous post. It was mean. I'm just having a really bad day/season. Please accept my apology.

    1. Hi Mal- thank you for your note. I hope that tomorrow is better for you and your holiday season filled with blessings.

  6. Love your shopping cart story! I've been there with a cart story myself...ugh!! I always look forward to your posts & love your decor... Merry Christmas!

    1. I have literally never run into a cart issue like that before. Craziest thing!!

  7. Thank you for your shopping story! It certainly gave me a chuckle while sipping my tea this morning all though I would have never thought shopping cart wheel would ever lock wow! I am looking forward to your book and congratulations on finishing it! It truly is an accomplishment. Looking forward to your post. Have a very Merry Christmas Courtney to you and your family.

    1. Thank you Alison!! And yes, that cart! If those folks hadn't come along- I might be there lugging each bag one by one. ;) And then I was worried about leaving it stuck behind that random car. ha.

  8. Oh MY! I have never heard of brakes on carts to keep them from going past a certain point...past seemingly from all their parking spaces! How wonderful you were able to find folks to help you out! I am so happy for you that your book script is done! I hope you have as much fun and joy finishing the photos - I can't wait to see/read it! We just never know where a day, a week a life is going to lead us, right! Have a blessed, awesome week! Kathy

    1. I had never heard of it either Kathy. Which is why I thought it must be a prank. haha. But in fact- it was a legit thing and all those carts were stuck there. I think on a normal shopping day when there are a lot of available spaces- it wouldn't matter. But when you have to park out in left field because it is so busy... it is an issue.

  9. I'd never heard of such a thing....carts that lock a certain distance from a store? WTH? Not very convenient. And how do they know? {to lock} Crazy!
    Congratulations on finishing your manuscript. I can't wait to read your book. I know it will be as lovely as the home you've created!

    Ricki Jill

    1. Literally crazy right? They apparently have a mechanism that triggers when you get too far from the store. I guess people stealing carts or stealing carts full of stuff is an issue in that area. I have no idea!

  10. Ohh My...who would have guessed that shopping carts would be programmed to go just so far and no farther?? I'll be very careful where I park when going to Home Goods.
    Congratulations on your good work on behalf of Alzheimer Research.

  11. I've encountered that problem with shopping carts. I understand the expense involved with the loss of carts, but this is ridiculous. It was great someone came to help you.
    Good luck with all you have on your always entertain us with the beautiful rooms you create.