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Weekend View

Can you believe that Christmas is just a week away?

Crazy. Crazy. 
And so this weekend, the weekend view is all about last minute Christmas busy, 
the wine country bike riding tales and a staycation.

First up- can we talk about how it is almost 2018?
I honestly am not sure what happened to the year this year- talk about zooming by. 
And now here we are gearing up for the big holiday and then jotting down resolutions and welcoming a new year.
I have a huge amount of reflections on 2017 that I will be sharing as I share goals for next year. 
And a couple new things coming here blog and brand wise that I am excited to share.

Calistoga Dreaming

I was up in Calistoga again last week-a favorite spot to retreat for a few days.
First I am happy to share that my favorite inn is safe and sound from the terrible fires in the wine country and they are open and welcoming folks- so if you are planning a trip- you won't want to miss staying at Cottage Grove Inn. 

I was there for a little staycation- but mostly there working on a photo shoot for Romantic Homes. 
I love the new romantic inspired travel features we have been running in the magazine
 and the Cottage Grove Inn is a perfect candidate for a feature. 
Look for that coming out in the March issue.

Little dogs and Bike Baskets

While on break from shooting- I might have loaded Sweet Pea into a bike basket 
and gone for a bike ride.
 I seriously thought she would not want to sit there and would try to jump out-
 but she loved the bike ride- and we ended up going several miles with her sitting there with the wind in her hair. 
It was a ton of fun.

Christmas Bike

I also might have loaded my bike and a twinkling tree into the truck and did a quick stop in a vineyard for an even quicker photo before I got into trouble. 
It wasn't calendar worthy in my mind- so working on a new one-
 but it was beautiful and fun to snap.

This weekend, I am sipping coffee while writing this post by twinkling tree light. 
This holiday season has been so crazy busy (in the most amazing way) that the next couple weeks before the new year- I just want to slow down and soak up all that magic. 

And while doing that-
 I am actually doing a little more decking the halls to get ready for family and friends and a full house over here this season. 
Coming your way this week:
All Christmas all the time
last minute gifts, round up of simple charm and decor
evening twinkle views
and more.

Happy Weekend View everyone.


  1. Happy to hear about your favorite Inn is not damaged from the fire. Now it's Southern California, very heartbreaking. Will your book be published in 2018? What can I say about your adorable Sweet Pea, gotta be in your book along with granddog, the scampy doxie:). You've always tell an inspirational story of your life along with stunning pictures of flowers, food and your home.
    Merry Christmas! Kathleen in Az

  2. Great photos! I don’t see why you couldn’t put that Christmas tree in the bike into a calendar, it’s something different and looks good! Here in Aus we don’t get snow at Christmas, so many stock photos have snow and don’t apply to us! Im sitting here with a Christmas CD playing.
    Keep up the good work!