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Weekend View

The weekend view...

 Bits of rambling and this and that all rolled into one. 
This week- it is all about flower market shopping, video shoots, a new project, travel plans and something fun.

Sunday is a bit of a quiet day over here. 
I might hit snooze and sip coffee a bit slower before getting ready for the day. And it is always a day I spend a little time with a good old fashioned pen and paper jotting things down for the day or the week. 

Get Moving

Last week, I spent several days enjoying the outdoors and took advantage of the spring like weather we were having to log some miles on a few mountain trails. We are not far from fields, orchards, vineyards and mountains- which means lots of scenery to choose from for getting out and getting moving.

I have noticed if I take even a day or 2 off- I am just not feeling the same as I usually do- 
so I try to keep that schedule up when traveling and even if I have just a bit of time to jump in.
And it has become almost a novelty thing to go for a run in a new city and check it off. 

One of my happy places

I spent some time on Friday morning at one of my happy places. 
One that was filled with all the pretty blooms. 

The SF Flowers Mart is one of my favorite spots to shop for all things floral.  
This stop was mostly about greens with a few blooms for a new project I am working on- but you know I had to bring home a couple extras just to enjoy as well.  And a bonus to shopping local flower markets- the prices are insanely good compared with florists and grocery stores most of the time. I say most... because sometimes Whole Foods will get a truckload of peonies and sell for less than the flower market.

That new project...

I cannot wait to share more about that new project I have been working on.
Truth be told, it is actually a project I have been working on for over a year- but this month, I am  working on a new installment that is similar and yet... different. 
Excited to finally be able to share with you and spill the beans on the first part
 in just a couple of weeks.
Stay tuned!

Lights, Camera, Action

While at the flower market- I met with my Balsam Hill family for a bit of behind the scenes video shooting. 

 I pretty much did my usual thing- walking around stopping to admire every beautiful bloom and even snap a few photos of them- all while the camera followed me around capturing bits of this and that. I will be sharing more about what that is for soon.

Travel  Planning

I am planning ahead and putting several bits of travel on the calendar for the next couple of months.

 I have several projects I am planning for- that beach bike and blooms photography project- as well as some pretty amazing travel features coming up that will be coming to the pages of Romantic Homes.  

A New Romance

And speaking of Romantic Homes- so many questions from you about how I became the Editor - and so will be putting together a Q&A of sorts and answering questions about that new role of Editor in Chief (8 months of working with them already!) 

And as well, will be answering  as some of your questions about blogging. 
Thanks again to all who filled out the survey!

Valentine's Day 

And.. Valentine's Day is coming up quickly. Are you ready? 

This week I will be sharing a few ideas for Valentine's Day that don't involve roses. 
I know- the flower queen over here- but I ask my husband NOT to buy me roses for Valentine's Day.

Happy random weekend everyone.


  1. I wish we had a flower mart where I live, but we don't. So every week when I get groceries I look for the Manager Special. It's usually a big bunch of flowers for 2.99 or 3.99. And I always tell my husband to NOT buy me flowers for Valentines day because it ticks me off that they are so expensive. I tell him I'll make up for it in a couple of weeks and buy extra Manager Specials from all of the flowers that didn't sell because they are overpriced! Pink flowers are my favorite!


  2. Always love reading the Weekend View....looking forward to hearing more about your project and I bet that SF Flower market is truly amazing...Headed to Calistoga Ranch, in Calistoga soon.....truly excited!
    Have a great week!

  3. My hubby buys me bare root roses or peony plants, or just says, "go spend $ at the nursery" Keeper. I'm very smitten with your stove, found your blog a few weeks ago. We are just starting a kitchen remodel and I have been stove shopping...and I'm smitten with the Lacanche. Did I mention I love your kitchen? I hired a designer to help with layout on mine...I got overwhelmed before even hiring the contractor :)

  4. Your flower photos are just amazingly breath taking ! They give me such inspiration. Thank You!

  5. It's always a pleasure reading your blog.. ❤🌹🌼🌺🌻🍃

  6. I asked my husband not to buy me roses years ago, like you, because of the holiday mark-up. When I was working outside the home and VD rolled around, he would tell our florist to make up a mixed bouquet equal in price to a dozen roses and deliver them to my office. These huge, amazing, beautiful bouquets (that I needed two hands to lift!) always made my co-workers pea green with envy, even those who had received a whole dozen roses. Now that I work from home, I, too, keep fresh cut flowers in the house at all times. So he takes me out to a nice dinner, around VD, but we're not fighting those crowds on The Day.

  7. Hi Courtney. Can't wait to hear more on your story of how you became editor of Romantic Homes mag. You snapped a photo of some gorgeous purple flowers. What were they. And I swooned over the pink ranunculu's. Love your photography. Cindy

  8. I love love all the flowers I wish we had a flower market close Thank you for your information on the rose prices and your story is so sweet You always amaze me

  9. Like so many others, I don't have a flower market close by either so I check out the grocery stores for pretty ones at a reasonable price. I am also one who tells my hubby don't buy me any flowers because it's Valentine's day and too expensive; however, mainly because he does let me know each and every day I am his Valentine. Love your blog, some days I think you are reading my mind! Have a blessed day