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Random weekend

It is that random weekend time again.

This weekend it is all about a book update,
a bit of travel
an official announcement
and something fun.

Book book booooook

So Friday was a big day. Remember when I shared that the book was done back in December? Yeah. I had no idea how much work we had to do yet. haha.  It is kind of like photography. You set up, style, take the photos and a lot of people think that you are done.
But then you need to edit and adjust, etc. and there is a whole other job that comes after the photos are wrapped. So my publisher and I have been working on layouts for over a month- but...
the photo layouts for my book were finalized on Friday and sent off to the printer. 

For me, it was a crazy milestone to meet- I mean, I am taking photos all the time. 
And so... I literally was taking photos up until I was leaving for a business trip. Yes, I am that crazy.
But- this week we will give the go ahead and then we are on the way folks.
I should be able to share a pre-order link Very. Soon. 
Which is insanely exciting. 
Stay tuned.

Faux talking

Friday was also a big day for another reason.  
It started with a crazy travel day on Thursday. It was a comedy of errors that began with a flight delay which meant my afternoon flight turned into an evening flight and then a late evening flight, and then it continued with the hotel not letting me check into my room for over an hour because my husband had booked it for me and pre-paid it-which meant he had to check in- not me.
And though the app he booked through fixed it in a few minutes- 
 there was a glitch with their system and the app communicating and so...
 I waited and waited enjoying the lobby
until after 11pm.

When I finally got into my room- there was in issue with it so I was moved to another and finally settled into bed around midnight- only to find myself wide awake for hours because I am one of those people who need to wind down.
 I was going to be filming live tv the next morning with Home and Family TV on Hallmark- 
exciting stuff- so I couldn't can't just fall asleep.
So let's just say that hair and makeup had to put in a little OT to cover those dark circles. 
haha. ;) 

The next morning I got up early, went for a run on the palm tree lined streets in the dark
 (it was perfect) and tanked up on strong coffee- and had an amazing day at Universal Studios. 
It is always so much fun to do tv spots talking about the fantastic things my Balsam Hill family is doing and this time- it was all about their faux florals for spring. 

It was such a fun experience and  I love that L.A. is a quick hour flight- and I was back home in bed Friday evening - catching up on Dateline and a bit of sleep. :)
Looking forward to the next time already! 


Our camellia tree started blooming last week after a stretch of cold and rainy weather. And then- another storm rolled in and has halted the buds.
I am keeping fingers crossed that we warm up enough to get those buds to open. 

And so excited for your enthusiastic interest in the garden series.
I am compiling ideas to start with and thinking- the first week of April.
Send any questions you may have my way and I will see what I can find to share.


A fun official announcement this week might have landed in your inbox.
I shared a sneak announcement recently that we welcomed Rachel as our newest contributor at Romantic Homes
and the news was officially shared this week with our readers. 

If you haven't picked up your copy of the April issue yet- it is on newsstands right now-
and shares the shoot I did at Rachel's home in January as well as her first article.

This week

This week is all about catching up and checklists.  
I am working on a HomeGoods Design Happy blog post about a table that has a secret. 
A post all about changing the look of a room with paint- and with a custom color that I created.

And something fun coming your way that has to do with setting a table with personality- 
keep an eye out for that post to go up later today.

Hope your weekend has been a good one -
Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Sounds like you were really busy! Looking forward to hearing more about your book.

    1. Thanks Penny! A fun week (minus the crazy travel issues!) :)

  2. First time commenting a blog, first time home owner and my mind is buzzing with decor decisions but so far loooove your blog! My mom is going to drool over your photos😊. Best of luck and thank you for the dose of inspiration <3

  3. So wish we could get the Balsam Hill faux flowers here in Oz !!!

  4. Hi Courtney I saw you on Home and Family (which aired here on Monday) and was soooo excited when I realized it was you. Great job!!!
    Blessings, Candy