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Lamps Plus & Exciting News

A couple of weeks ago, 
I hopped on an early morning flight to L.A. for a fun day all about
gorgeous lighting, home decor and so much more.

It was a day full of so much fun, inspiration and much more.
Seeing where the magic happens: what inspires, who inspires and how ideas come to life.
A day spent behind the scenes with an amazing
 family owned company- Lamps Plus.

 I have worked with Ivette and with Lamps Plus for several years.
 She is such a treasure and I absolutely adore her.
You might remember the blog posts I wrote for the Lamps Plus blog
 and when I shared meeting up with her at the  Sunset Idea house in Berkeley. 
And most recently, we had time to catch up at Design Bloggers Conference.

And I have a TON of their lighting and products in my house-
like the sconces in my bathroom and much more I can't share just.yet...
 Lamps Plus was my lighting partner for my new book.

And I am super excited to share what I am up to with Lamps Plus now. 

I am so honored to have been asked to be one of Lamps Plus Ambassadors.  
There are 5 of us in all- and seriously,
 just look at this star studded line up I am joining:

Lamps Plus Team

What that means is that each of us are going to be working very closely with Lamps Plus this year. From chatting about the most amazing lights and home furnishings (because they are waaaay more than just lamps and lighting)

 to representing them at events, in media appearances, 
blogging about them and more. 

The day at their corporate office and store was filled with inspiration
 and the best part-
a day of connecting and getting to know the people behind this amazing company. 
CEO, Dennis Swanson took us behind the scenes and showed us where all the magic happens. Dennis founded Lamps Plus in 1976, and he is actually designing products for Lamps Plus even now.
An amazing company that is family run that everyone involved plays a passionate part of.

Custom lamps in the making

I loved seeing the warehouse and the design and inspiration for the design in action. From making lampshades to 3D printers to drawings of designs and details- I soaked up so much inspiration simply from  learning about what makes Lamps Plus tick.
I loved the energy each person we met brought to the team- you could tell they truly are a family focused company where everyone knows everyone.

And those new headshots...

well, as I mentioned recently- spring allergies = spring sinus issues for me every.single.year. it seems. And so, aside from a sinus infection making me all squinty eyed and puffy the amazing photography team at Lamps Plus captured me pretty well. 
And Ivette even got peonies so that I would have some of my favorite flowers to pose with. 
I am far more comfortable being on the OTHER side of the camera... but in my awkwardness,
 I had some amazing flowers making me look better.

It was such a great day and so much fun to meet everyone in my Lamps Plus family. 
 I am excited to share more of what we are up to together- and more of
all the amazing things Lamps Plus is doing soon. 

I work with Lamps Plus as an ambassador but all the love 
for Ivette and my Lamps Plus family is my own.


  1. lighting is key to our home, I'm looking forward to your sharing with us

  2. I think you look amazing in the photos and I have not actually seen you look any different than amazing you are a beautiful lady and so dam talented.

  3. Congrats have represented them so wonderfully in the past and what a fantastic new adventure that we will all look forward to!....great company and love the photos!!! You make that chair/room look even more amazing!!!

  4. I love your blog! You're as beautiful as those peonies you love so much. Gorgeous lamps and lighting, too. Thanks for sharing all the beauty.

  5. What a great collaboration and line up it is! I think Lamps Plus made out pretty good getting you ladies to work with them:)

  6. Well, you’re the prettiest in the group shot.

  7. All of the lighting is amazing. And like you say the "star studded" group will truly be something to write home about. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and I think you will be a great fit for the group, as well as a great asset for them.

  8. How exciting. I see so many things that I would love to have. I would go crazy in their store.

  9. Love this courtney.. what a fun day! Can't wait to be ambassadors for Lamps Plus together all year long :)


  10. Congratulations!!! I will be looking forward to seeing whats next!

  11. I am decorating my new home in French Country/costal cottage/shabby chic. I'm selling almost all of my current furniture and starting over. Do you have suggestions on how to pull it all together? I love the lamps plus lamps with crystals. I'll definitely add something from them.

  12. Congratulations Courtney! Can't think of anyone better to represent them!