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Weekend View - Mother's Day

Happy weekend everyone.

This week the weekend view is full of  a little bit of Mother's Day love.

First up- yep that is me as a tiny tiny baby. :) 
And can we talk about how my mom was a style maven with that zebra print sofa? 
It would probably be an iconic piece today.

I remember when I was growing up that I couldn't wait to become a mother.
My biggest dream in life was to be a mom- 
and to be a mom that was just like my mom and my grandmother.

My momma looking pretty.

They were both such strong examples of amazing moms.
They loved their babies and grand babies and reveled in doing the most important job in the world.
And growing up, I was the kind of girl who had her heads in the cloud a lot. And if I could have- I probably wouldn't have played outside with make believe friends in the playhouse my dad built for us all day, every day. But you know, moms have a way of getting you going in the right direction and keeping you focused.  

Mom and grandmother wise words for today 

Always try something new and give it your all. 

I must have played every single sport out there when I was little. 
 I was on swim team, ran the field in soccer, did tap dance, ballet and even played baseball for a season. You know what? 
I was terrible at baseball. Terrible to the point that I hated going and everyone sighed when it was my turn up to bat. 
You know how they taunt?
 Yeah... I heard 'easy out, easy out' when I got up to bat more times than I can count.
I am not going to lie. I wanted to quit baseball
I begged. Cried. Offered to wash dishes.
You name it.
My mom said no.
And her reasoning was simple.
I was part of a team.
It wasn't just about me not liking baseball- I couldn't let the team down.
 And I had wanted to play baseball and so I needed to give it one season at least.
She kind of had this thing where if you wanted to try something- a sport, a class, whatever- you committed to seeing that season, class, etc and saw it through.  
I finished that baseball season - and she was right, I learned something by trying it.
 I learned that I didn't like playing baseball.

But it also taught me a bigger lesson.
That trying something new is a GOOD thing. You never know if you will like something
until you try it.
And if you decide to be part of a team- you are part of a team and you don't quit.
Even if you find out that it isn't your cup of tea- that is great- you learned something but you see it through. Because it isn't just all about you.
It is about all of those folks on the team who are counting on you
-- you are part of something bigger.

It really is something that has translated into many areas of my adult life.

My grandmother- Grammy

That being a mom is like spinning plates on sticks. It takes dedication, love and that all important balance.

My mom talks about the four of us kids like we are each like a plate on a stick.
She would get one plate spinning and balance that stick and then turn her attention to the next one, and so on. And there was always one plate that would get a little wobbly and needed a bit more spinning or balance. 

I will admit that I am likely one of those 'more' wobbly plates.
I gave my mom and second dad a run for their money in high school.
I was not the easiest of teenagers and had my share of wobbly plate moments. 
But my mom kept me spinning and got me back on course- and some of that was waiting for me to get wobbly enough to find my way and start spinning myself.

I know that it isn't always easy to let our kids get a bit wobbly.
Our instinct as mother's is to fix that balance.
But sometimes - you just need to find your own way. 
And I am so glad that she kept me spinning while letting me wobble just a bit to be able to figure it out on my own.

Who called first

Back in the day when the kids were little, I can remember that I was ordered to stay in bed a bit longer on Mother's Day. There would be waffle making and dishes clanking and who knows where the pancake mix would end up in the kitchen- and I would sit and sip my coffee with handmade cards and lots of smiles while waiting for breakfast. 

the goofballs several years ago- we need a new photo of the three of them together

My babies are all grown up now- but one of the funniest things they do even now-
 is to try to out do each other. 
For example, my oldest son called this morning early- early... as in, I was in bed, sleeping.
 But he wanted to wish me a happy mother's day first.
 He is a personal trainer- and is up at the gym literally at 3am  so I am sure he didn't think it was early and he kind of laughed when he realized he work me up. 
(he then called back in the afternoon and said
 'Sorry I woke you up- but I was definitely the first, right?!)
My oldest son

The even more funny thing is that after I got up and put my contacts in, poured my coffee- I saw there was a text message from my daughter from around 2 am  in the morning saying
Happy Mother's Day.  
You see- she was going to be the 1st- and beat the brothers.
My mini me.

My middle guy? 
Well, he doesn't usually get into the competition.
He has a couple of times before- and he was quite proud of beating the other two - but honestly, it really isn't his personality to jump in the game.

apologies for the no shirt while he was hiking! And yes, he did get attached by cactus- and as such- this is why you should wear more clothing when hiking in the desert!
Though I do joke that my two boys are like that commercial with the brothers giving their mom a gift and outdoing each other and then arguing and wrestling about who was best. Because- literally- they are exactly like that- and they are also the best of friends.


Seriously though- these babies are my world and I love them so much. 

Mother's day is one of those days that brings up a lot of emotions.
 And it's about celebrating all the mom figures in our lives. Moms, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, friends, sisters-you name it.
Sometimes that mom figure isn't a mom - and they deserve to celebrated too. 

Happy Mother's day everyone.


  1. Beautiful post and beautiful family xxx

  2. Never apologize for a good looking guy not having a shirt on! Your babies are gorgeous! Easy to see where they get it! Glad your mother’s da was great 😘

  3. I loved this, so sweet. Happy Mother's Day to you!
    I just had our first grandchild 5 months ago. I've told my son and DIL, "It's the sweetest time of your life!" I wish I could have little kids all over again!

    1. So exciting- congratulations! Happy Mother's Day and Grandma's day! :)

  4. Happy Mother's Day Courtney! You have 2 handsome sons and beautiful daughter! Daughter looks just like you. I think you favor grammy. Let me know if you get this comment? Have trouble with your site.

    1. Hi Nancy!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! People tell my daughter that she looks like me all the time :) So sorry you have been having trouble with commenting- there has been some updates going on and I think it has been an issue. Hopefully fixed soon!! xo

  5. Wow , first you look Amezing, your kids are incredible good looking, your daughter is gorgeous and brought tears
    to my eyes this post I can totally see how important is ever second with then , they grow up so fast . Beautiful post and thanks for bringing beautiful Picts into my home

  6. Happy Belated Mother's was kind of a crazy day here. Loved seeing the photos and the post. We only have two, a boy and a girl. Funny thing is I know who is always going to be first. LOL

  7. Hope you had a most wonderful Mother's Day Courtney...I so love seeing the photos of your beautiful children....and the photos of your mom and Grandmother were indeed a bonus!...Such happy, happy souls!

  8. Happy Belated Mother's Day Courtney! That was such a sweet post. There is nothing better in the world than to be surrounded by family.

  9. What a gorgeous family, but OMG you don't look old enough to have adult kids. Forget that zebra style, look at your stylish mom! She's beautiful and you all carry that same gene, obviously. (off to look for some anti-aging creams, lol) x