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French Country Fridays~ How to style shelves

Happy weekend.
It is that time again... 

that French Country Friday time where I get together with a few friends and we share our favorites.
This week... it is all about 3 simple tips for styling shelves.

Styling shelves can feel overwhelming sometimes. All that blank space- all those layers to create. Is there too much stuff? Not enough stuff? What is the right amount?

And then add in styling shelves for seasonal displays and it brings along a whole new set of questions. Today, I am sharing a few tips for styling shelves easily... Find the post HERE
And my book French Country Cottage is on SALE this week at Amazon- more details HERE 
and I am joining these friends sharing a favorite post of theirs this week too.

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  1. I love your style. I hope it's okay to copy some of your ideas. Such a delight to see each time what you've done. Happy Friday...

  2. It’s just beautiful Courtney!! I seldom comment, but I always read your blog posts and swoon over your photos. I’m ordering your book this week too! Thank you for sharing!! Kudos!!