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Weekend Five

Welcome to the weekend five.

This and that and anything rolled into one simple post.
Last week was full of travel, first swims and lots of early autumn starting to appear.

Travel Diaries

We were on the road early for a Tahoe trip again. My daughter is thinking of moving to the area and we have been making the trek to explore and so she can get to know the town and areas better. We aren't hating it. It is a favorite spot for me- I used to spend the first week out of school at a cabin on the lake every year growing up and the memories I have from those trips are incredible. 

It was fun to show her some of my favorite things this trip- like Mt. Tallac which has always left me in awe of its beauty and held a bit of inspiration. 
And we also enjoyed the gorgeous sunset over the lake - which was so picturesque and relaxing.

Cleo in the water

That baby grand dog got her last puppy shot last week- and to celebrate her finally being able to walk on the ground outside and do all the fun things without worrying about Parvo- she took a nice walk and a dip in the lake and it was seriously so cute. Sweet Pea went swimming as well- and tends to look like she skipped 'leg day' at the gym- she really is a ball of fur! I will grab a photo to share next swim! For now- look at those huge puppy ears.

Pumpkins in the House

Lots of grays and whites and loads of cabbage... and a few other pretties that I couldn't leave at the garden center. This week is full of autumn stylings going up and being photographed-  this is a quick behind the snaps as we were unloading.  Though it is in the 90's here and I am loving summer yet... I am excited to have a handful of pumpkins to play with to get things ready for sharing here on the blog.

Some Photography Fun

My friend Rachel at Maison de Pax is starting a new photography course- and it is incredible! I am so proud of her and this new venture and wanted to share it with those of you who might be interested in learning more about photography for interiors. And it goes on SALE tomorrow- take a sneak peek of what to expect here  and stay tuned for a sale link tomorrow.

Book Signing at Round Top, Texas

Last week I mentioned the book event at Patina Farm that is coming up-  and something else that is fun- a book signing with my good friend KariAnne in Round Top Texas at the antique show.

We are super excited to be signing books and having fun at Old Glory Antiques -I hope to see many of you - I would love to say hello and meet you if you are going to be at Round Top.  And we will be staying at the Prairie- so stay tuned for some behind the scenes there as well. 

Candles and more

I am cozying up the house with candles and dried hydrangeas- and that is coming your way this week
along with more about that autumn greenhouse styling that is in the book
and a fall table setting.
Also- some of the winners in the Book Launch giveaways have confirmed:
Congrats to
Linda- Bella Cottage
Chelsea - Arte Italica
Joanne - Arte Italica
Will announce others as they are confirmed.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Courtney,
    Love everything you do. I have a question. On Instagram, there was someone who posted an event for your book signing in Ojai on September 22nd. I ordered 2 tickets but I haven't heard anything back yet. Not sure I did it correctly, nor am I sure the tickets are still available. I cannot recall who posted that but I wanted to reach out to them. I would be traveling from Phoenix, Arizona and therefore would need to plan my trip ahead of time.
    Do you know who I can contact? Thank you. (My email is

    1. Hi Mary!! It was Brooke Giannetti- she is hosting the event. I can forward your note to her but I know she had quite a bit response so it may just be taking a bit of time to get through and answer everyone. :)

  2. So glad to hear of your book signings. Any scheduled near Chicago?

    1. Ohhh I am talking with Debi Lily about doing something in Chicago! I will keep you posted!

  3. Immagini sempre bellissime 👍

  4. How exciting for your book the pretty sunsets.

  5. Exquisite as always. I really enjoy, and look forward to your posts. First thing every morning. Thank you

  6. Love your new book. Zipped through it the first time, now I am reading at leisure. Kudos for the wonderful photography. I also picked up a copy of your book: The Soup Club Cookbook, co-written with Tina Carr, Caroline Laskow and Julie Peacock. All one needs to know about soups. Thank you.