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18 Elegant French Vintage Style Mirrors

Antique mirrors are one of my weaknesses. 
Tall and stately and small and charming.

I fall for the ones with less than perfect looking glass- and often that is the first thing I notice and love.  Anything gilded, silver leafed and ornate - I am loving it. 
And you love them too- every time I share a photo of our living room lots of questions and emails about where to find those layered mirrors in the corner.
If you have wondered how to get the look too- this post is for you.

The mirrors in the living room have a bit of a funny story.
The large one is an antique mirror I found on craigslist. I saw it pop up one day. I loved it. But the price? Did not love so much. So I kept searching. And searching. And it kept popping up reminding me it was there.  
So of course, we went and looked at it and fell in love, made an offer and brought this beauty home.

It is a gorgeous girl. Grand and stately and very ornate. The details literally knock your socks off in person. I am in love with it- and it absolutely fit perfectly into the corner by one of the french doors in the living room. 

And the smaller mirror...well, as I wandered through HomeGoods one day, I bumped into it.
Leaning against other mirrors on the floor. 
I loved the details instantly. But wasn't 100% on needing another mirror. So I kept on shopping. 
I got home. Started dinner. And could not stop thinking about the mirror. 
I know with HomeGoods- you better grab something even if you aren't 100% because they get 1 in - and it moves quickly.

So I called and explained there was a bright gold detailed mirror in the back of the store- and could they hold it if it was there. Being this mirror is BRIGHT GOLD - they found it right away. 

Though it looks chunky and heavy- this is a fairly light mirror. I believe it is probably a molded foam type of construction. So, it isn't like an antique with layers of wood, plaster and wire- but it definitely has the look and it cost much much less than an antique would.

The funny thing? Mr. FCC grabbed the mirror for me after dropping me off at the airport and he literally brought the mirror in and leaned it up against the tall one. I came home from my trip and was instantly impressed at the look- and at him knowing how to style them perfectly. 
Something funny....while at the Giannetti's home for the book launch event- they were working to wrap up a few photos for their new book while we got the house ready.  When the photographer, Brooke and Jill were staring a styling trying to decide the angle- they asked my opinion (which was insane but amazing) and so as I looked at the vignette and started to open my mouth-  my husband leaned over my shoulder and said 'That's the shot right there'. 
Everyone thought it was hilarious. He was right- it was the shot and it was proof he actually does notice things like vignettes and details even when he tries to say he doesn't pay attention. 

So the layered mirrors have stayed. They reflect sunshine and twinkly lights and are a beautiful elegant statement just leaning against the wall.  
And with so many questions about where to find similar ones- I grabbed about 15-20 links to small mirrors and large leaner mirrors that you could mix and mingle to get the look. 

A note- you should secure the mirrors to your wall- with a simple kit. You would not want them to fall over or slide- safety first.

And a quick note.
I have gotten quite a few requests to share more links to products than I have been doing.
Several lamenting that they don't know what to search and cannot find something I shared and they would appreciate a link.  I have hesitated to do too much affiliate linking to be honest- I really want to make sure that I keep this place focused on inspiration. So with that in mind- I will try to include some as I find good options but not getting crazy. And as always I appreciate your feedback and notes!
Here are a few favorites to get the look (affiliates) And I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at the incredible options there are- and the prices of these. 

Smaller Mirrors

This one has similar swag details and is such a great price. 

This mirror is quite similar to the smaller mirror I have stacked against the antique mirror.

And this one. I clearly should not be looking because I am loving all of these.  haha.

Larger Mirrors

And for the larger mirror- I found several options that are great for layering or enjoying all on their own.

I have this mirror in the smaller size on top of my mantel- and it is absolutely beautiful. They have it in a larger and in a very large size as well.  I think would be completely gorgeous.

And this beauty has a very similar look- a little more narrow than the other and is priced a little less- which makes it a fantastic option.

This one has a similar look and style to the antique  I have. I found this one at places- there is another linked below as well.

A similar look- in silver

And I love the details on this one- it is another one I found at two sources- and is a great price. 

Though this is a rectangular mirror- I think you could layer and it would be beautiful. Those intricate details would really stand out.

And a few more- (and some alternative places to find some of these are linked below)
Hope that helps and that you find the mirror (or mirrors) that are perfect for you and your home! 
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I can understand why you like them they are so awesome

  2. Courtney, you have inspired me so much through your blog! Your decorating, photography, and ideas are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your life and talent with us! God bless.

  3. I am in love with your mirrors. I love the layered look! The ornate gold mirrors are so hard to find without spending a ton of money. Thank you for the links of similar styles.

  4. hahah I love your notes about your husbands editorial/photography ability. Clearly he has the eye. When my house was shot for Romantic Country, I was surprised that it was the photographer,Mark Lohman, who called all the shots, not Fifi. I also love that you don't put lots of links for seems Instagram and many blogs are just becoming places to shop instead of being sources of inspiration. My two cents...

    1. I COMPLETELY agree!! I have hesitated in sharing links for that reason. Even when people have told me how much I should be doing it. I do have to say I was surprised to hear the frustration from so many readers when they tried to find something I shared and couldn't and asked me to link more options. I didn't even think about that- so sharing from time to time. And so funny about Mark!! Yes- the photographer usually finds the best angle and view for the shot! :)

  5. These are gorgeous mirror options, Courtney! Have to admit I had mirror envy with the really big pier/leaning mirror you found... It's just beautiful! I am glad it found its forever home with you. 💕

    Thanks for sharing where you’ve found these lovelies,
    Barb 😊

  6. Stunning, they fit perfectly where ever they are. Thank you for sharing! Have a great day. Jody

  7. Mirror, mirror, on the wall which is the most beautiful of them all? Cee Cee Mc

  8. Thanks Courtney, for sharing these

  9. I love the bright gold but sometimes I find a mirror that has lost it's luster. I am torn between putting the gold back on or just give it a weathered/distressed look. Mirrors are so much fun and this post is too!