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Weekend View

Happy Sunday everyone.

I hope that your weekend has been going well so far.
Today the weekend view is all about winter decorating, dog sitting and working on some things behind the scenes and ever wonder what I look like with bangs? 
Scroll on down to read more. 

Dog watching

We are watching my daughters boyfriends bulldog yet- he has been here for a few weeks while his dad gets a new house set up in a new area. He basically loves to eat, sleep and run around outside - a typical dog. But one of the funniest things is that he has a large dog bed to cuddle up in- and yet, we keep finding him in the small dog beds for Cleo and Sweet Pea. Sitting and also curled up and snoring... all the time.  And look at that little tongue. This is our first experience with a bull dog and I can say that he is an interesting & charming fellow for sure. 


We have had a ton of rain in the past week. And last weekend before the rain- we had a ton of wind. That kind of came out of nowhere. And when it did- a gust sent this wooden mirror flying.
The frame is okay- the mirror glass is another story.
The strangest thing is that this mirror has been in this spot for several years. Never a waver, wobble or worry about it going anywhere. So that wind- was pretty darn crazy.

We should be able to replace the glass and put it back up- but maybe with a wire around the chimney just in case.

Roses & Candles 

A quick outtake snap of the candles and flowers on the coffee table. I snapped a few photos to share a couple new elements in the living room- and that is coming your way tomorrow. 
I am super excited about how the mini refresh is coming together.  And I will share what we have yet to do in here and what my ideal look is.

Playing with Flowers

I mentioned I was playing with flowers this past week.
Lots of fun on an upcoming project- and this bucket of hydrangeas was a favorite. 

I will be sharing some hydrangeas tips in the coming weeks- and something I am working on this year is more video content. So will see how that goes!  For now- this vintage bucket full of hydrangeas is pretty perfect just as it is.

Tossing it back

Can we take a moment to appreciate the 90's?
Does this girl with bangs and a bit of a curly feathery kind of hairdo look familiar?

Yep, that is me folks. 
One of my senior portraits. 
Bright cobalt blue turtleneck. Bangs. Lighter hair thanks to year round swim team & all that chlorine... and even blue eyeliner. 
This month is all about decluttering and cleaning over here- and the other day, I tackled the one linen closet we have- which I am happy to report is not half empty. And then I moved into my office closet where I found a box full of treasures like this one. I believe the box was Grammy's - there were photos that were from probably the 1900's and also photos like this one from the 90's 
and even up into when my kids were little. 
Needless to say, I got a bit sidetracked looking at photos and shared a few favorite
 toss backs  on IG stories. 

Coming your way-

A peek at a few changes in the living room
A post all about hydrangeas and caring for them.
All about Design Bloggers Conference and WHY I am so excited to go this year- And why you should think about going too.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. We had lots of rain and some good gusts of wind here is well (upstate SC). 30 mile an hour gusts.

  2. Love your you in bangs..”go for it”.! I think the sweet baby you are dogsitting is more of an “inside” baby than the owners realize.!
    Yes....hydrangeas need no other adornment....exquisite just as they are.! Look forward to this weekly update....cannot wait to see your “gentle” improvements.!

  3. Beautiful can't wait to see your hydrangeas tips, I love those flowers/

  4. I haven't done any dog sitting in a bloody long time, thankfully we no longer have pets so no need for a dog sitter either

  5. He is cute in that little bed! We have had a lot of rain for months here in NC. Our yard is so soggy. Wind?....I'm always fixing my curtains in the pergolas. And my She Shed porch is decorated for winter so I have to see everyday what the wind has moved. Your senior picture is pretty. You have not aged...what's the secret? Lol

  6. I love the Bull Dog so cute and comfy!!!!!!

  7. Oh, no! I'm sorry about your mirror. I say definitely replace the glass and secure it with wire. The hydrangeas in the bucket are so gorgeous! What a pretty photo of your kitchen!

    Bangs are great for women of a certain age because they're cheaper and safer than forehead botox! ;P

    We love bulldogs. Our first pet as a married couple was our bulldog, Beau. He was so cute and full of personality! He liked to drool, and when he drank water, his dewlaps seemed to hold lots of it. It seems like each Sunday when we had Shanley Belle dressed in her little smocked dresses all ready to go to church, Beau would have a drink and place his fat head in Shanley's lap. We had to change her dresses often because Beau loved her so much!

    Have a great week!
    Ricki Jill

  8. I am trying to find the pic of your staircase showing the changes you made, like the headboard ceiling addition.
    Would it be possible to post it again? Thanks bunches!!