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10 easy ways to create a cozy home

If you are like me... 
you love ambiance and a whole lot of cozy in the winter.

When it is cold and gray outside and the rain is on repeat-  living, relaxing and entertaining moves from out under the stars - to inside the house by the fire. 

And while this Leo is a sunshine girl in my element outdoors and in warm weather- I will admit, I do love those rainy days and curling up on the sofa. The rain refuels my creativity and always seems to inspire me write. And part of that is having a place in the house that is full of warmth and cozy when it is wintery outside. 

 'Cozy ambiance' is something I love creating- candles, twinkle lights, and all the magic they add to a table or lounge area outdoors can also inspire room indoors as well. 
These are a few of my favorites:

#1. Candles

I am a HUGE candle girl. I love the flicker and warm light that candles bring.

To warm up a room, I group several on the coffee table, march them along the mantel, add them in a candelabra, etc. 

Of course, safety first- don't leave candles unattended-  and you can also use 'faux' candles to get the look. This candelabra is made to look and be a bit wonky and 'vintage' and  I like to use faux tapers here- they are quite realistic now and actually 'flicker'.

#2. Chunky Knit Throws

These are pretty much on repeat indoors and outdoors all year long. And I can't get enough of those chunky knits on the sofa to wrap up in. 

 I actually have several colors because it is bordering on obsession. :) 

#3. Fresh Flowers & Greens 

Always a way to instantly warm up a space and make it feel cozy- fresh flowers.

They don't have to be expensive- just grab a bunch or two from your local supermarket and put them in a favorite container for instant cozy.

#4. Pastel Colors

Something I love to do is to add layers... and that includes layers of pastels. 
Winter light can be dark, and it always makes me want to turn the lights up and add a whole lot more 'light' in my decor. I love to use soft blush, pastel blues, grays, etc to add a touch of warmth to a winter room.

#5. Add mirrors

Not only do mirrors look beautiful where ever you place them- they reflect light. That winter light bounced off a mirror and splashed back into a room fills it with pretty. And it also makes it feel much brighter and warmer - which is definitely a good thing.

#6. A fresh Coat of Paint
Though it is not necessarily in the category of 'easy' freshening up your paint is a way to get a fresh, bright look. I feel like I always want to repaint my rooms in winter.

#7. Bring in Warm Woods

Something simple like  a chunky stool or side table can offer an instant boost to the warmth factor in your room.  There is just something about a bleached or natural wood finish that 'feels' warm to me.  

New obsession alert- these little chunky stools- IN LOVE. I just picked them up and will share more soon- but here are a couple similar for those looking for them 

#8. Soft Patterns and Nubby Texture Pillows

I love nubby pillows- there is something about 'texture' that I crave with pillows- and linens, chunky knits, etc all have the look and feel that I love.

Here are some options if you love them too- love these sweater knits & these pillows come in several gorgeous colors.

#9. Soft underfoot

Earlier this week, I shared a post all about where to find vintage and vintage inspired rugs- and warmth in winter it is all about that cozy underfoot. Adding a rug to a room adds instant warmth- and when you can find the perfect vintage look or vintage rug for your style- it just pulls the whole room together. 

#10. Lanterns

Back to light and candles- bring those outdoor lanterns indoors and enjoy them in winter.

 I love bringing the outdoors in- and candles, lanterns, twinkle lights- all add that ambiance we love indoors as well.  Love these for indoors and out. 

Those are some of my favorite simple and easy ways to add cozy. 
Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. What pretty ideas. Absolutely wonderful so Hygge! Love your fire place, no insert! Inserts just don't have the same ambience do they? Have a lovely rest of February.xx

  2. It is truly a lovely setting. Candles and flowers can make such a difference for a relaxing evening. I know you have music in the back ground, I can almost hear it.

  3. Hi,love the French Cane back chairs, where did you find them? Also, you're book is really wonderful,it is my go to for fresh inspiration. I've been out of the loop for many years now,but finding you're blog and book has changed my perspective to begin again. Cotton and Couture and Almost to Paris, Debra. A big hug Courtney,thank you!!!

  4. I love everything, so beautiful, warm and inviting. Thank you for sharing.