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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week, it has been all about travel to the snow, spring planning,
 a Valentine's treat and a  sneak peek...

A whole lot of  Snow

As I mentioned before- my daughter moved up to the Tahoe/Reno area recently and this past week, we loaded up our car to bring more things to her. And driving through South Lake on the way- there is a seriously crazy amount of snow.

I know so many people who love winter and snow... 
yes, I agree- so pretty the snow laden branches, sugar sprinkled mountains  and winter white wonderland, 
but I am a sunshine and tank top kind of girl- so not the biggest fan of winter weather.
I think it goes back to that time when we lived in Minnesota and I walked out carefully and slowly to the car carrying my 6 month old son in my arms and slipped on the packed snow and ice. 
Since I was holding him and worried about him hitting the ground-
I didn't put my arm down to catch myself and landed hitting the top/back of my head on the ice. 
My husband discovered that the ice was actually shattered in a decent sized starburst I hit so hard. 
He was fine thankfully but I was pretty dizzy for hours afterwards. 
To this day, I have a tender spot on the back of my head.
So, let's just say, I prefer warm sunshine and green grass
to winter wonderlands and ice.

Icicles & Piles of Snow

My daughter on the other hand- seems to be a snow globe living fan.  
Though they are growing a bit weary of several feet piling up on several feet every couple of days. These icicles though... amazing right? So pretty and they were all over all the houses and buildings- these were actually on the small side compared to some.
But that snow... well, they said they have nowhere to plow it to at this point since there is so much and she has started to walk to and from work because...

THIS is her car.

A new lens

There is a new lens in the house...
one that is so heavy that I get a workout holding it up. haha.

It has actually been in my photography arsenal since Christmas time- but I haven't had too much time to play with it. It is a 70-200mm 2.8 and so far- it is love. I generally only use prime/fixed lenses so this is a little different for me. Yesterday, I kept positioning my tripod to take the photo forgetting that I could adjust the lens haha. So will take some getting used to. Though it isn't really an everyday lens. 

And something else new....

Can you tell what it is by this sneak peek? 

We are making a few changes around the house with some simple updates here and there before tackling a kitchen renovation in the little cottage. Stay tuned for something new in this space coming your way.  Stay tuned for some design plans and also a closer look at what is new in this photo. 

Something Fun...

I opened my email on Valentine's Day... and found this...

Such a treat to see my book being carried at Eloquence and also the inspired collection based off of my home and designs. Eloquence and the folks there are my favorites- they are like family and I greatly appreciate their support of my book. Click on over and peruse their new collections and gorgeous pieces... I already have several things in my wishlist in my cart again. :)  And if you haven't purchased my book yet or are looking for a gift copy- they have books available HERE.

Coming your way- spring styling and table setting inspiration.
That new thing in the dining room
and sharing some inspiration for the little cottage kitchen renovation. 

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. eloquence is beautiful and has such lovely things....!
    Love your book...

  2. I love a winter and snow. I dont know what is better.

  3. Oh My! The snow is pretty but thankful we don't get much here in NC! I love sunshine, warmth, and green grass too! Eloquence has beautiful things.

  4. I love looking at your snowy photos, but I’m sure glad I live in Texas. Probably won’t be thinking that this summer when it’s in the 100’s😅

  5. What joyous inspiration.. Thank you for sharing your home.. And I look forward to reading your book...

  6. Good morning, I love winter and snow, but I don't go out in it if I am the one driving. Did a 180 in the middle of the interstate few years ago, hit black ice and ever since then I do not like driving in it. Quite comfortable watching the snowfall from the window as I sit peacefully with a cup of coffee or tea. I totally understand your aversion to winter weather after your fall with your wee one. Thank you for your posts, they are always so beautiful, adds a little bit of spring to our winter months. Have a blessed day! Jody

  7. Congrats on Eloquence carrying your book!...such a most perfect fit! Kudos to your daughter for walking to work in the snow...Snow is beautiful...for maybe 2 days and then I am over it!...Have a great week Courtney...we FINALLY broke ground on the new house!!!