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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view

I hope that your weekend has been a good one.

A hodge-podge kind of a weekend view today- such is fitting for a this and that kind of week.


Would you believe the fresh flower in my house have been the same ones for about 3 weeks?
Those Esperance roses have HUGE lasting power. Which is incredible. I have moved them here and there and enjoyed them this whole time.

And then my husband popped into the local super market and brought home these beauties.
Seriously the size of your hand... they are amazing. And super well priced AFTER that big chocolate heart day. Stay tuned to see more of these tomorrow.

Out walking

Something we have been prioritizing recently is making sure to take that hour and walk 5-7 miles almost daily. Since I  injured my ankle- I haven't really been able to go out for a run long enough to burn that extra steam and energy off. Which- I need to do for my mental well being -let alone physical. So walking, hiking, etc. it is for now- and this view is pretty incredible to hike along.

Design Influencers Conference & Book Signing Events

My bags are packed, house & dog sitter in place and I am off to Atlanta for Design Influencers Conference for a couple of days.

Aside from seeing friends and colleagues and learning a TON about the design influencer industry- I am also doing a book signing this afternoon/evening during the reception. Come say hello if you are at the conference.

Pillow Happy

 I shared a peek of some of the pillows last week in this photo- and I am seriously obsessed with how they look.

These are a linen look fabric- with jute detailing- and if you have followed me for awhile you know when it comes to pillows -texture is my thing. Stay tuned for a close up and source for a similar look.

Behind the Scenes

Some of you have noticed some changes happening here on the blog- larger photos for one- thank you for all the notes and comments about loving them!  I am not sure they will stay this exact size- they are BIG for sure.  The blog is a work in progress.
And there are other behind the scenes happenings that I am excited to share more about very soon. Lots of steps and leaps and nuts and bolts and more. All good stuff folks. And the process will be something fun to share with you hopefully soon.

Coming your way...

Something I bumped into at HomeGoods that stopped me in my tracks... and went right into my cart.
Spring inspired table setting ideas
All about little wood stools and where to use them
French style chandeliers
A Celebration party how to
and a bedroom design plan update.

Also, you might have noticed a 'Push Notification' request when stopping by my blog.
 This is such an easy way to know when a new post goes up- it sends a little button alert to you in the the corner that says- 'French Country Cottage new post' and all you have to do is click that notification to read.  Simple and easy.
I get them for new email and some of my friends blogs who use this service too.
And I promise to not send out notifications like crazy- just when I have something to share.
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  1. Dear Courtney,
    Roses and pillows are ... magical!
    Actually, everything I like about you. I love your sweet-light style, with natural things and textures, in delicate colors, with beautiful flowers always!
    Many greetings, Mia

  2. Love your roses! Your hubby has good taste!!
    Enjoy the Design Influencers Conference, Courtney!!!

    Hugs and blessings to you,
    Barb ☺️💝

  3. Love love those pink pillows. Going to Home Goods this week. Very dangerous store for my debit card.😊

  4. I love love love your style! I'll be moving into a new apartment soon and I'm gathering things to decorate it with that remind me of your photographs. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Have a great time at conference Courtney, sounds like fun..Home Goods is such an incredible store such amazing shabby items to drool over, we have a fairly new one up here in Oregon, I stop nearly daily..Love all your beautiful rooms and roses, Thanks Courtney...