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Weekend View

Happy spring forward weekend everyone.

Did you remember to change your clocks? 
 Of course, now with technology- everything just updates while you sleep which makes it easy.
 I have to say though- that 5 am wake up call this morning was feeling a bit early 
being that it just changed.

Lots on the calendar to get wrapped up this week-
so I am tanking up on coffee a bit earlier than usual and getting busy.

Garden Dreaming & Planning

It is almost that time for doing a whole lot of garden dreaming and planning.
We are revamping a couple of garden areas this year- by the greenhouse,
the front and a new area going in.
And of course... foxgloves are always on my cottage garden planning list.

This is by the little cottage- and those foxgloves mingling with white roses, lavender, salvia
and of course that ivy wall backdrop... has me feeling ready to get out and get gardening.
I will be sharing all about what I am planting this year
and what changes we are making as we go.

Grand dogs

I am watching my grand dogs again currently...
and this one. This big bulldog boy who has a big bulldog bed to sleep in...
Always finds a little bed that belongs to Cleo or Sweet Pea 
to curl up into.

He just manages to curl up all the way and snuggle right into it.
It always makes me smile to see him so happy in that little bed. 

Vintage on Sale

I know so many of you love vintage and love Eloquence like I do...
So-sharing this with you.

Vintage at Eloquence is up to 50% off right now at The Bella Cottage.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


And something that struck a cord with me last week.
You know that chatter... that one on your shoulder that always tells you
you aren't good enough. I have Always been a hard critic on myself.
And you know, sure- it helps motivate. It pushes me. It makes me work harder everyday.
And it also wears me down sometimes.
I know so many of you are the same way- and when I saw this from Jay Shetty who is wonderful for inviting thought provoking & encouraging thoughts everyday-
it resonated with me. 

Coming your way:

Something fun... A quick change to something that I love
 but that now I love even more.

All about an upcoming trip to High Point Market

Inspiration for cottage garden plans

Copper love and where I just found the most wonderful copper pieces
at amazing prices- as well as some vintage pieces.

Happy weekend everyone.

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