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French Cupboard & 4 things I look for when shopping for antiques

Sometimes instant love just happens.

You meet 'the one' and fall in love in a second. It might be your partner, a new furry friend or even a place to call home... and it might also be a beautiful piece of furniture.

This antique cupboard had me at hello.  I was actually not just browsing for fun when I found it. I was on a quest. A quest for something for a specific area of our home. 
And my wish list was lofty.

I needed something for storage. 
But that also looked incredible. 
Something with lovely warm patina and carvings.
And a light wood finish.
Something that was stately and tall.
And wide.
But not too wide.
And something that had age and character.
That was French.

I know. It was a wish list that was likely to not be able to check every box off quickly.
But... my favorite source for French antiques was exactly perfect for finding that perfect fit.
I found this gorgeous piece at Eloquence. (look at the wheat carving on this door!!)

And honestly, when it arrived, we were just getting ready to leave for Europe so, we literally carried it in the house and plopped it against the chalkboard and I played just a bit and took a few quick phone snaps before heading off on our trip. 

And since we are currently knee deep in painting inside and outside- I haven't moved it to get it all styled and in place yet- but so many of you have messaged asking about seeing more of it- I thought I would share a quick peek and a few tips for shopping for antiques like this one.  


When shopping for antiques-I am always on the hunt for a piece with patina. Whether that is chippy paint or a hand rubbed wood finish that comes with age and a piece being used over the years. I believe this piece is from the 1850's ish - and it is what is known as a buffet deux corps- or cupboard with two parts.  For me, the age of a piece has less to do with what I love than the patina. This cupboard has the most delicious bleached wood patina and wood graining that dances across it.  And the carvings are pretty much basically insane. 


I don't know if I have ever seen a piece with this amount of detail in the carvings in person before.  The doors are covered in carvings. The drawer fronts are covered in carvings. The crown in covered in covered in carvings. Basically, carvings galore. For me, character- such as something that comes with carvings - is another thing I look for. It doesn't have to have carvings to have character- just something unique and interesting to me that I feel brings 'personality' to a piece. 


I am always drawn to beautiful things- and I want our home to filled with beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder- so what is beautiful to me- may not appeal to you. That is okay. My biggest motto when decorating is that if you walk into a room and it makes you happy- it is perfect. So when shopping for something to bring home- and maybe it is the ugly duckling at the flea market- but to you it is a beautiful swan- you know it is the right piece. 


Okay okay, once we get past all that beauty, patina and character- when you are looking for an antique - you generally are looking for something that functions in one way or another.  
Whether it is to merely bring beauty to a room- or it is for extra storage or even for using everyday like a chair or table. Whatever it is- it has to function for your needs.  
This one obviously holds a ton of dishes, linens, treasures, etc. And it has 3 drawers that charm the socks off you while hiding all the extra stuff.  Currently, this cupboard is empty just waiting to be moved and styled- and I cannot wait to fill it up with treasures. 

It is most definitely love- all around over here and of course after wrapping a photo shoot - I placed all the bakery bits and dishes and candles on those shelves for a couple quick snaps to share - and I cannot wait to share more when this beauty gets into place and styled and is ready for a full debut.

What do you think of this? Would you have fallen head over heels for it too?


  1. Not to take away from the beauty of the cabinet, but the cake has me drooling. Can you tell I started dieting today?

  2. That is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen. The carvings are out of this world gorgeous. Good luck!

  3. I know exactly what you mean. Saw one today and my hubs bought for me. I pick it up next week so lady can empty it . Got mine at Antique store . Where did you get yours? Do you get yours in France or USA?

  4. It's just lovely! The carvings are, of course, beautiful. I also really love the tone of the wood and those hinges and hardware!

  5. Love your French cupboard! What a thrill it is when you walk into a shop & it is as it that beautiful piece has been patiently waiting for you.

  6. Exquisite, Courtney...and just my style as well...💜💜💜

  7. I would have fallen head over heels~~~this is stunning!!! Do you have a certain place (area) you look for antiques? The Bay Area?

  8. It's gorgeous, Courtney! I just love authentic French pieces like this! They make my heart flutter! Can't wait for future posts on how you style it!

  9. Yes I would have. It is Beautiful.

  10. First, Thank you for the sneak peak I have been waiting for this post!! Next OMG yes I would have fallen head over heels for this piece, the carvings, the hinges, the Hard ware Oh My!! Fell in love with this more and more with each picture, congratulations on finding this piece it will look stunning in your home once you have put it where you want and style it, can't wait for more photo's!

  11. Oh YES! This piece would make me very happy! Beautiful!

  12. A most gorgeous piece Courtney!!! Enjoy it!!!

  13. It's perfect, Courtney!!! I have been looking for a larger dresser and always thought I wanted a large Welsh dresser to hold all my china and to replace the smaller one I have but this takes the cake. Enjoy your wonderful buffet deux corps as it styles so elegantly already ~ looking forward to seeing where it lands in your home. <3

    Happy for you,
    Barb :)