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Creating an English Cottage Garden- Lambs Ear

I am a huge fan of cottage gardens...

The ones with big leafy plants spilling into the pathways, rambling wildflowers mixing and mingling and an abundance of blooms everywhere you look.

Cottage gardens can be overflowing and natural - or they can be curated and kept tidy. They can be full of mostly foliage with flowers lining fences- or full of this and that and everything all in one

I think one of the beauties of a cottage style garden is that it really is whatever you would like it to be. This and that- just this or just that. Anything goes.

One of my favorite colors for gardens of all types all year long - silvers, purples and whites with blush pinks and an occasional pop of color.  We have a huge amount of wild growing Sweet Peas on our property- and so that pop of bright pink and white sweet peas always end up mingling too.

So I have planted some things like yarrow and hollyhocks and my favorite foxgloves that also mingle well the explosion of sweet pea pretty when they bloom.

 I also love to mix in a couple other favorites like Catmint, , herbs and Lambs Ear.

Lambs Ear is a soft, velvety perennial plant that grows and grows and grows. We started out with gallon size plants last year- this was early season this year and they were already huge.

It is easy to grow- and it provides such a beautiful silvery gray/green foliage. I love that it layers well under those taller plants and I love to add it right along the garden path. 

Something here in California we are always paying attention to is water usage. Lambs Ear is a water wise plant- so perfect for growing here.

We have gotten some tall stalks of blooms this year- which are beautiful also. Note: Those holes in the lambs ear are not from bugs. They are from a crazy hail storm we had recently that basically chopped up and left holes in all the Lambs Ear in the garden.

And with all that curated garden planning... then this happens.  Yes,  I need to clip the foxgloves- but I let them dry and drop a few seeds before clipping back.

When the wild sweet peas are blooming in abundance and you tossed out some wildflower mix to cover a little hill next to the greenhouse.

The best cottage gardens to me are the ones that make you smile - curated or rambling.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. This garden is so pretty. We too enjoy having the overflowing look of an English garden. However, I have an unrelated question regarding trying to purchase country French bureaus for my bedroom. Do you suggest that they match? I have an iron bed with just a touch of gold highlights. I am having trouble trying to find a matching chest of drawers for my husband. They are a lot of dressers to choose from but few tall chests. I know matchy-matchy is out but I’m not sure if having so many different finishes will work. Any thoughts?

  2. So, so pretty Courtney. A perfect country cottage garden..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous and feels like a fairy tale. How I would love for you to invite me over for tea inside your beautiful shed and lovely garden!

  4. Very pretty, I love the scattering of plants, and lambs ears and dusty miller are favorites.

  5. I really like the Lambs Ear, I hope it will grow in central Texas. The many colors in the garden are so pretty together. I enjoy looking at a meadow in the spring it is full of wild flowers. If the Lambs Ear is water wise it should grow well in Texas.

  6. the place is so magical, make my hart sing!

  7. What a lovely space? Would you share the source of your outdoor lanterns?