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Get the Look - Autumn Ambiance

Happy weekend everyone!!

Can you believe that it is almost September? Which to me feels a bit crazy.
August is almost wrapped up- and Autumn decorating will be coming to the blog very soon.
And I am SO. EXCITED. to share the direction I have been going with autumn and holiday with you.  It might surprise you...

Some of what I have been drawn to this year for decor is definitely surprising me. :)

So while I am making messes and setting up decor in the house- I am also trying to clean up and set up the blog to make it easier to find past posts and ideas- and the sources  for how and where to find  the items for getting the look.

So, you will notice at the top of the navigation links right under my logo - there is a new tab added call 'Get The Look- Autumn Ambiance' 

In this page- I have listed sources for some of the posts I get questions about all the time- as well as other sources for getting the look- from farmhouse to cottage to French Country.

I will continue to add links and blog posts to this page to make it easy to find everything-  bear with me on those being updated and check back for new links and ideas.

This weekend, I am decorating the house for autumn... while I have 2 Christmas trees in the living room and  it is about 90 degree summer sunshine filled beautiful outside.
And it is making me smile.
Love what I do so much- and love creating and sharing ideas.
I so appreciate you stopping by and visiting daily- and am hoping these collection pages will help you to find some inspiration for decorating your own homes too.

Happy Saturday all.


  1. It's too soon for fall!! You always have such great displays.

  2. I love the pebbles at the bottom of the steps. Isn't it funny the tiny details that grab our attention. Happy Last Week of August! laura