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7 quick & easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a couple days away? 

We have been planning on hosting at our house - but the best laid plans of course always change.
A little thing called the weather that seems to want to cause some winter storm chaos - which means my daughter who lives in Tahoe is likely going to be stuck at home for several days.  They tend to close Donner Pass for even small amounts of snow- and this storm  is supposed to drop several feet by Thursday- and my oldest son in Las Vegas may not be able to make the trek either. 

We are already ready to go with our vegetarian Thanksgiving elements- but it looks like just one of the kiddos and his girlfriend will be home this year. 

Either way- we are cooking and cleaning and getting ready just in case they are able to get here-
and setting the table for the holiday is always something I enjoy doing- and today- am sharing a few simple and easy ideas for your table this holiday.

Because- easy is key during the holidays don't you think? 

Pumpkins on repeat

If you have any pumpkins leftover from autumn decor- why not use them in your centerpiece?
I love to use heirloom pumpkins as they are just marching down the table-

or create a few 'vases' for your flowers - and then just place a jar of water inside and call it good.  

Use a garland

Either autumn or Christmas garland down the center of the table is one of the easiest ways to dress up your table quickly.

For an added touch- you can add fresh flowers to a garland to create
 something unique for your table as well.

Gathered Goodness

One of my favorite ways to create a bouquet is to walk outside and see what looks interesting 
and put it together. 

I call this a 'gathered goodness' bouquet- and it is all about what catches your eye.
Think grasses and branches with leaves for autumn- and then mix in some grocery store roses for a touch of sweetness. See more here

White pumpkins and dried flowers

I always seem to have a bouquet of dried flowers in the house
and they work perfectly with those pumpkins on the table for a centerpiece.
I used hydrangeas here- but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Small bouquets

You don't have to go big or go home for Thanksgiving- with all the plates of food being passed around the table- you might need some extra space- so keep the centerpieces small.
I used a mix of glasses and vintage silver for bouquets and simply scattered them on the table.
More quick and easy recipe ideas for nibbles this holiday season here.

Of course fresh flowers, Christmas greens and even simple white hydrangeas are always a good choice for Thanksgiving tables- but if you find peonies and garden roses - those work perfectly too. 


Happy hosting all.

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