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10 Quick & Easy Recipes & ideas for Thanksgiving Entertaining

A day for giving thanks and spending time with friends & family- and  likely  a bit of time in the kitchen preparing food and baking treats. So when it comes to delicious nibbles and decadent table settings - I vote we keep it easy all around so that you can enjoy more moments being in the moment.

Today I am sharing a few favorites for Thanksgiving. Recipes to keep your guests happy while they wait for dinner- and table settings that invite them to linger and enjoy just a little bit longer AND the key is- that are EASY to put together.

We are celebrating a little early over here because of work schedules- but I will put up Feathered Nest Friday in case anyone wants to link up and will be back on Friday with Balsam Hill sharing a Christmas tree that might be a new favorite! 

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

A favorite and must make here- it is a crowd pleaser always.

Brie is always a good nibble- and they look gorgeous on the table too.

I am obsessed with cheese boards- and this one shares 21 items you can put on a favorite cutting board and serve.

Of course, a Thanksgiving pie is probably on the menu- and something like this is as pretty as it is delicious.

A couple of table setting ideas that will make your guests want to linger just a bit longer.

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