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How to Create a Dutch Door for the Barn

There is just something about a dutch door that has a whole lot of charm and romance.

Yes... I do think a door can be romantic and charming. 

Dutch doors have long been something I have loved-
 I think the love affair with them probably started with an illustrated storybook that was a favorite to look through when I was little. 
And that love has continued along with my obsession with all things home.

We recently added this beautiful dutch door from Simpson Door to our house- 
and I can't tell you what a difference it has made in how our home feels.  

Though we aren't opening the top currently since it is a bit chilly to have the doors or windows open in winter- I did open the top when a Fed Ex delivery guy knocked recently and he just stood there and looked at the door and said ' a half door?!' while I laughed.

Of course dutch doors have oodles of charm- but they are also practical. 
For pets or young children for example- you can open the door for fresh air while having the security of the bottom closed so no wandering out unattended (or animals wandering in) 

We have a small dutch door on the greenhouse as well 
and when we built the barn in the summer- 
adding dutch barn doors to it  was on the list.  Barns traditionally do have those 2 part doors- so it was an instant on the to -do list when we built this.
(this is the Star Barn)

Last week- my husband started on that project and created a dutch door on the single door on the barn. 

It was so simple to do- and with just about $20 in hardware.
We aren't done yet- but thought I would share progress photos and steps as we go.

You need: 

 4 hinges -  2 per each door section
A latch to keep the door sections together when you want them together
Here are the style of hinges we used & the iron handle  (affiliate links)

Since this door was already attached when the section of the barn arrived- 
we had to remove it to be able to customize. 

 This door is a barn door- so not built like a regular door- but it did have the framing board in the center that was perfect for splitting into two sections.

Creating a dutch door

After cutting the door in half where those center boards were- 
 my husband simply attached the 2 new
 hinges so that there was one at the top and one at the bottom of each door section. 

He left the original large hinges at the top of the top door and bottom of the bottom door. 

You can see where the old center hinge was and the new added hinges are.

Most doors have 3 hinges on them- top, center and bottom. 
You can also use the original hinges of a door- 
you just won't have the center one being usable after splitting the door.

Putting it back on the barn

He started with the bottom section of the door and attached the hinges to the barn door frame- 
Then repeated with the top. 
Inside the door- there is a latch that keeps them together-or opens each individually 
when it is left open- 
and there is also a silver bolt in place on the outside temporarily- 
but that won't be staying.

 For an additional 'seal'  you can add a strip of wood across the back inside of the door where the two doors come together - so that there is no 'breeze' coming through.

Up next- adding board to the door fronts 
and working on the front of the barn doors-
and then a fresh coat of painting on the doors and hardware to freshen it all up.

Stay tuned for the reveal when it is all wrapped up.

Happy Wednesday all.

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