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21 ideas for decorating with blue & white

Blue and white can be bold and beautiful - and soft, elegant & charming at the same time.
It is one of those combinations that is classic and is always on repeat in design.

But it isn't trendy.
Blue and white mingling in decor has been around for years and years.
And it is  perfect to incorporate into your home for spring and summer.

You can add it as just a little touch of color
or as a whole lot to love

There is no right or wrong way to do it. Some of my favorite designs have layer upon layer of blue and white patterns- from wallpaper to curtains to bedding. 
And at the same time- some of the simplest of touches speak the most. 
And today it is all about 21 simple ideas to incorporate  blue and white in your home-
 from just a touch to a few layers.

#1. Blue Floral on the bed

This duvet is at Rachel Ashwell's house when I was there to photograph it for a magazine feature-
and it was absolutely beautiful. Shop the look here.

2. Transferware plates and platters on the wall

Because. Transferware on the wall is always a beautiful thing. 
Use mismatched vintage or new plates for the look.

#3. With a vase

I love using old pots and containers for flowers- blue & white is perfect for a touch on the table.
And if you find outdoor pottery with a drain hole that you love and want to use it as a vase- simply place a jar or container inside for the water. 

#4. Stack them up

On the shelf- add stacks of plates, teacups and a large bowl for a blue & white display.

#5. Pottery

Fill a pitcher with flowers and add some of those pottery containers just as they are for a pretty collection indoors or out.

#6. Pillows 

A simple way to bring in some blue and white without the big commitment in a room-
toss a couple of toss pillows on the sofa or chair- or use large oversized pillows on the floor for
 low game table seating.

#7. Blue Floral Curtains

This is from one of my favorite rooms at the Inn at Depot Hill in Capitola, CA-
and I am obsessed with those curtains (similar look). See the whole post about this room and Inn here.

#8. On the wall

Tile, wallpaper, stencil- you name it.
Blue and white patterns on the wall are perfect for adding a touch of that charm.

#9. Ginger Jars

Another super easy way to bring that blue & white charm in- Ginger Jars and lidded containers are easy to find and they are inexpensive. They look great gathered in various sizes on a mantel or sideboard- with or without flowers.

#10. On the Table 

Another way to use those ginger jars- on the table for a centerpiece.
That pop of blue and white brings a whole lot of charm -see more of this table here.

11. A vintage platter

Keeping that on the table theme going- you can use just a platter for serving fruit & nuts
or as a pretty blue & white accent to hold jewelry or candles on the table, on the sideboard, on a dresser or chest of drawers.  I love to pick up random pieces of blue & white pottery at thrift stores.

#12. On the Table for a dinner party

An oldie but goodie- this was from a table I style for Wayfair for their blog
and I loved incorporating those blue & white dishes (and they are 77% off currently)

#13. Vintage Jars 

I know, I know. How simple is that suggestion? 
Just bring out those vintage glass jars and place them on the shelf or mantel.

You can fill them with flowers- or not. 
That blue will bring in a burst of sunshine. 

#14. In a market basket

Put some faux or fresh flowers in a basket and place by your sofa or a favorite chair
or anywhere you would like a pop of pretty.
Or maybe a FCC blue floral tote would be perfect ? :) 

These totes are so easy to hang on a door knob or hook on the wall
and fill with pretty white flowers- currently on sale in my shop.

#15.  Toile

I am a huge fan of toile- on fabrics, on the walls, you name it. 

#16. Upholstery

If you want more of a commitment - how about adding something upholstered in your favorite blue & white pattern? Checks, florals, ticking stripes-you can't go wrong-  they all are beautiful for cushions and upholstery. (and pillows!)  And on that same note- add a blue throw for a bit of beautiful blue to mix with your whites.

#17. A Blue & White bowl 

Just a touch on the counter in the kitchen or on a side table or bedside chest- I loved this bowl when I found it at HomeGoods-and decided to use it for a pop of pretty.

#18. Blue & White Floral Arrangement

I know this sounds simple- but just adding a floral arrangement that is made of blue and white
can bring that lovely charm to your room.

This arrangement is made with lilac & thistle -and there is more to the story here
stay tuned for that coming your way.

#19. A Needlepoint Pillow

Because- they are so. pretty. From vintage to new reproductions- they are perfect for adding that touch. Stay tuned for more on these soon.

#20.  Blues and floral ticking stripes

This is from years ago and even now is one of my absolute favorites.
 Even though it is not the correct size for my bed - I bought it anyway because I loved it that much. 

Cream & blue with vining florals & ticking stripes- perfection. 
And it adds a subtle soft touch of blue to the bedroom.
Shop a similar look here.

#21. Ticking & Toile patterns on repeat

This blue is the softest pale almost duck egg gray/blue- similar to the color of my range.
And it is probably my favorite shade of blue. The fabric here is a vintage fabric- but it gives you an idea of how to use different shades in different ways. 

You don't always have to go bold with blue- you can be subtle and make just as much of a blue & white statement.

These are just a few of the ways I  love to incorporate  a touch of blue & white 
and... I might have a blue & white project in the works as we speak.
I will be sharing all about what I have in mind- 
and where I am shopping for the perfect touches soon.

Happy Monday all.

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  1. I love everyone of these ideas.
    I am in the middle of a ‘return to blue’ in my house. I so wanted a wonderful blue and cream design for my curtains but panicked that I would grow tired of them so chose large beige/cream Buffalo checks. I have always loved Buffalo checks long before the world became inundated with the black and white look. You said that certain combinations of blue and white aren’t trendy. I am hoping that my B c curtains won’t look ‘‘done that, been there’ by next season.
    Share your thoughts?

  2. Yet another lovely post! Very inspiring.

  3. Hi Courtney, loved what you did with the transferwares and that is going to be number 1 on my list. The perfect blend of blue and white, not a bit more not a bit less. I'm pinning it to my home decor boards, cheers! I am going to try hanging my transferwares on the wall too.