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A Wee Little Birdhouse...

I love beautiful old birdhouses. 
 Chippy. Shabby. Crusty. 
 Falling apart but oh so them.

 One of my favorite styles is a very simple colonial looking birdhouse.
Just like colonial style houses ~ which I adore-
 they have a facade full of charm,
lots of little 'windows' across the front and delightful shabby paint.

The project for March for Lowes Creative Ideas was to create a special place for your feathered friends.
So when I saw what the March project was - I was kind of excited to get started!
 I sketched out my plans, made my list & headed to Lowes for the supplies I needed.

We started by taking plywood to create the 'house'
We cut the front, back and peaked side pieces, nailed them together and we had the birdhouse frame.
Add the roof and voila-  a wee house.

Then came marking where all  the holes go and cutting them out.
To cut the holes for the birdhouse-  you'll  need a special bit for your drill or better yet- drill press
It's called a Forstner bit.

forstner bit
google image

It takes a bit of time to cut the holes~ it's not the easiest bit to use for sure
you need to use enough pressure to cut the hole - but not too much as it likes to bind up
(don't ask me how I know)
Not to mention the bit like to collect the 'hole' a lot of time which means you have to get the wood out
before you can drill the next one - it is messy, messy, messy.

Next we added the bottom and we made it wide enough to be able to put birdseed in
and then came the perches. 
Bamboo or wood dowels work great for areas for the birds to perch.
 One of the 'perches' broke when I was moving it outside~ this house is a bit heavy and cumbersome to carry.
 I went ahead and took the photos quick before the rain started up again and hadn't fixed it yet-
guess that is my first birdhouse repair project 

I shabbied it up with a coat of white paint and a dry brushing on the top with Coco chalk paint
to make it a little more aged and then did a bit of distressing.
I also went through and sanded each of the holes
 to make sure there were no splinters or anything sticking out.

We had some cedar shake shingles left over from shingling the peaks of our house so
I used those for the roof.
I cut a few of them down and started nailing them on in no particular size or order.

I am loving it's random and wonky look.

Every new house needs a little housewarming wreath so
  clipping a couple twigs off of a heather plant 
 I shaped them into a wee wreath for the front to welcome the birds.

Then outside it went.

We will be putting it on a pole at some point and finding the perfect spot to mount it.
but for now  it is sitting on a shabby garden table in a spot where I usually put birdseed in the summer.

 Sitting down in a chair on the patio I waited for those birdies to come...
They were flying around... they were chirping and singing... 
 but they didn't find that big old birdhouse with fresh birdseed.

(Do you think it means you might be a little looney toons if you sit outside ... camera in hand
waiting and waiting eagerly for a bird to come find the new birdhouse you put out for them?
Yeah my sister and oldest son thought it was a little crazy

The next day as I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom  getting a post ready
 I looked up and glanced out the window and there was this little guy.

Ohhh I was so excited!!! 
I grabbed my telephoto lens and then quietly took a couple photos from inside the house.

I love that he looks like he is checking out the house~
seeing if the craftsmanship is decent, if it's well insulated, 
maybe wondering if that crazy roof will hold up...

Build it...
and they will come.

I was compensated for this post as a member of the
 Lowes Creative Ideas Network of Creators and Influencers  but the designs and opinions are my own.


  1. how beautiful. you did lovely work! the little bird does look like he's saying, "hmmm. nice. this wasn't here yesterday."

    once i planted a sycamore tree, and a squirrel was passing by. he stopped, looked up at it, and reached out and patted the trunk with his paw before moving on, as if to say, "hmmm. nice tree. nice spot. maybe in a year or two it will be good for climbing."

    the blessings of the creatures on our labors...

  2. That birdhouse is adorable!!! Such a great style. Love the little bird photo checking it out.

  3. That is so great--aren't you the creative one?! Of course we already knew that! Maybe the birds aren't coming around much because they can still smell the paint? I have such a strong sense of smell I always think of smell issues. I bet soon it will be covered in birds. Great job!

  4. I love your birdhouse or should I say Bird Apartment complex? Great that you caught one on camera ready to move in!
    XO Cindy

  5. That is really cute! I want one too!!!!

  6. Beautiful. I'm so inspired. I love little bird houses too. Would love to make one as a squirrel or some other creature did a number on our one. But there are always birds in there...

  7. Now that's just gorgeous! I'm very envious. You've inspired me to try just try - to create something as welcoming to our feathered friends as your lovely house.

  8. This post is absolutely positively delightful in every way.

    I am sitting here with the biggest grin on my face, you just brought such joy to blogland.

    How ADORABLE - love every inch or this post.

    Thanks - now I need to show my DH, he's been wanting to make one of these for Finch Rest.......I think you just made it super easy to set up "honey do hint stage" of asking.


    Have a weekend of joy being the crazy birdhouse lady, I love it. Birds of a feather and all that.

    (wink wink)

  9. I love the birdhouse, You are right if you bild it they will come.Nice job. Thanks for posting.

  10. Hi Courtney: You did such a good job on that birdhouse. That little bird is probably saying "This doesn't look like that 'cheep' housing they promised me!! It's beautiful..Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. So sweet - love it... this is the most adorable 'bird house' I have ever seen. Great job - AWESOME - thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Jalon

  12. Great job, Courtney, it's a beauty!!

  13. Courtney this little birdhouse is just too adorable!! You will have lots more feathered friends soon!

    Art by Karena
    Artists Series 2012

  14. It turned out beautiful! I adore the little wreath you added. Keep us posted on any new residents! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love it and am sure you will have many feathered friends soon.

  16. Oh, I love it! I'm pretty sure that first visitor was a home inspector. The residents should be moving in any time now. :@

  17. Oh so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  18. This is an amazing birdhouse! I love it! I adore the wreath for the new house! It seems like your feathered friends are ready to call this home!

  19. Wow, Courtney, great job on that birdhouse! What a great size! I hope you have many happy birdie families enjoying it.

  20. Love that house, Courtney! How fun it must be to get those project ideas in the mail and then get to make them! Give your birdie friends a couple days. They'll be nesting in there before you know it. 'Tis the season....! :) Our bluebirds have already started building their nests.

    xoxo laurie

  21. Wow, what a fantastic birdhouse. I was sure it was vintage when I saw the first picture! You did an excellent job. Looks perfect on that table. I love the pictures with the sweet bird. I think he can hardly believe himself...for me???

  22. Love the birdhouse!

    I used one of those drill bits for the first time ever this week - it was so much fun!

  23. Courtney I love your birdhome/house
    its a condo of lease space :)
    I too build birdhouses, I will be posting mine on my new French dresser that I aged.

    Love all things French and birds.
    thank you for sharing your beautiful rustic garden.

    "What is joy?
    It is a bird that we all want to catch. It is the same bird
    that we all love to see flying."
    - Sri Chinmoy


  24. Well done! It's lovely <3
    Lately my drill has been my new best friend ;)

  25. Amazing!!! I've pinned it (hope you don't mind) because my husband NEEDS to see this so that he can make me one ASAP.

    And the answer to your question: NO you are not crazy for sitting waiting for the birds to come camera in hand. Most of us here in blogland do that sort of thing all the time!!

  26. High five for that bird house Courtney. I don't think you are crazy as you waited, and I for one will be waiting for more photos when the bird brings his friends to move in.


  27. Courtney,
    Your birdhouse looks so cute.I love it.You make it sound so easy.Lucky birds!

  28. I love it! I may have to make one myself. Thanks for the inspiration!


  29. Courtney,
    What a great design for your birdhouse. With Spring Time here, it's the perfect project. Thanks for sharing, love it!


  30. Courtney, A very impressive job and a simply perfect home for some very lucky birds! You must be delighted with how this project turned out!
    So happy to have stopped by!

  31. He'd be a birdbrain not to move in! Great house you built! Hopefully soon you'll see a whole flock in there.

  32. Wonderful job! Looks so vintage!

  33. what beautiful work you did-I want to live there!!! :) chris

  34. Courtney I'm so inspired by your post! I have wanted a birdhouse for as long as I've had a house. This past year I've looked for one and can't find one I like. I've only found 2 at all. I am crafty and handy and have tools so after reading your post I've decided to build one. Thanks so much it's adorable!


  35. First, I am so impressed with your skills girlfriend! Wow!! Second, I want to live where you live. The view is gorgeous!

  36. What a fabulous bird house. Thanks for sharing about the special drill bit.

  37. Courtney, what a sweet birdhouse!! The little wreath is adorable! I'm sure your feathered friends will be very happy there!

  38. I love the birdhouse. I have a few my children made at Home Depot but nothing as grand as this.


  39. Love the birdhouse and the welcoming wreath is such a sweet touch!

  40. Cutest birdhouse EVER! And I do love the way you put the cedar shingles on...just gives it character! You always inspire!!!

  41. Courtney, What an adorable birdhouse and you did a wonderful job! It reminds me of the ones we saw while visiting England.
    Hugs, Sherry

  42. Your so talented! So cute! Thank you for linking up to Home Sweet Home!

  43. You are a real fairy in your magical wonderland of shabby treasures!

  44. What a sweet little birdhouse! I have this linked to my bird houses post as well today, for inspiration!

  45. Adorable ♥♥♥
    Thank You for the little Birds . . .

  46. This is a great looking bird house. Do you by any chance have any pics of the inside? Is it accessible to clean out the old nests and droppings? I need to build a similar one for a friend for tree sparrows but the holes will have to be spaced farther apart up and downas they want at least 6" from the floor to the hole.
    Again, nice job.