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Burlap Union Jack Pillows

Union Jacks have been popular for awhile.
They are on all kinds of things.. quilts, ottomans, pillows- you name it.
They have pretty much popped up everywhere.

Well I finally worked on a little Union Jack creation of my own.

A couple pillows made with a little burlap and jute webbing.

 I have been thinking about making some just for fun for awhile now...
There is something so charming about the simple design of them.
I know these technically aren't exactly like a Union Jack- but I am liking them.

I love working with burlap.
 I love the texture, love the charm, love the color.
( okay, not loving the itchy eyes or the allergies so much ;) ) 
I also love striped webbing- in all colors. Yes, kind of crazy I know.
It just reminds me of something vintage and charming.
   I knew when I saw this red striped upholstery webbing it was perfect for something...
I just didn't know what something yet.

(You can find both the webbing and burlap at

But as I stared at that webbing and that burlap...I thought of it.
Burlap. Webbing = Union Jacks.

 I am loving how they turned out. 
So simple. So charming.
Perfect to add a little rustic to the mix.

So cute on the sofa but before I get too many emails about them not belonging in my French Country Cottage
;)  these pillows are off to somewhere new ~ I'll share more about that soon.

A super quick post today~
  hope your week is going great!!

See you this afternoon for Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. Beautiful Courtney! Just love them -
    And everytime I see that armoire ( tall dark and handsome ) peaking out in one of your photos my heart skips a beat, lol

  2. Very cute pillows!

  3. The Union Jack never looks so chic! What a great idea!

  4. Gee Singh NewbanksAugust 1, 2012 at 10:05 AM

    I can relate to the itchy and watery eyes when working with burlap. But the finished product is always worth it.
    Luv the pillow.. cute!

  5. I love your pillow! I have looked at the webbing and wondered how it would look best on a pillow... now I know. :)

  6. Beautiful your blog, congratulations!! kisses owl!! (by coruja)

  7. Nice, Courtney. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  8. This is crazy cool, Courtney. What a great use of webbing (one of my favorite things).

  9. Love burlap and anything Union Jack. They look great together!

  10. Lovin' this new Union Jack style!

  11. This is very pretty, Courtney--it's a little more delicate looking than some of the Union Jack home decor items I've seen, and that appeals to me. A versatile piece you've created that could work in a lot of different rooms, I would imagine.

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. Your are very creative to have thought this up. and to think British flags at the French Country Cottage, too cute Lyn.

  13. Hi Courtney: Love the Union Jack pillows and think they look charming in your room. Just in time for the Olympics. I think they belong but am curious as to what you are going to do with them..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. Love, love, love those pillows!

  15. Courtney,
    These are really that webbing too.


  16. Very nice job. Can't wait to see where these little gems are headed.

  17. Those are so clever!! They would go in my living room. I love them. I'm loving burlap too! love your blog!

  18. These pillows are so sweet. I love them! x

  19. They are just adorable!! I love burlap and here in your Union Jack pillows its perfect!!

  20. Love the pillow Courtney and love that last shot!!

  21. Perfect combo! Where do you get the webbing? I could see all sorts of uses for that! :)


  22. Wow Courtney! You are soooo talented in many more ways then one! LOVE this! :)


  23. Love these, you have inspired me to get my sewing machine out and make a few. Can't wait to see where you put them next!

  24. I love these and I think they look great on your French sofa but can't wait to see where you put them next. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  25. Where in the heck do you get the jute webbing? I swear that Grand Junction, CO is missing alot. I hear about so many awesome products and they are not be found in our area, very discouaging. I get all revved up to make something but can't find the "stuff", doggone it. Really love your Union Jack pillows, look pretty easy and quick.

    1. This jute webbing is from my sponsor you can order it from them and they will ship it right to you. :)

  26. I think they're lovely and look great in your French Country decor, after all, France is not far from Great Britain, now is it.
    Hugs, Cindy

  27. Very clever to combine the burlap with the jute to make the design. I like them very much. I would like to make some with a white stripe!

  28. I guess I am like Judy! I do think they "belong" well in you home.
    Still I am very very curious as in what you will do with them!
    I will stay tuned!


    Since I am also a lot in styling in clothes... I had only used the jute webbing for making belts... I think this is a great idea for a cushion!

  29. Very cute, I never heard of that before.

  30. Cute pillow. You make burlap look so good!

  31. Oh, man. I love those. I am nuts about the Union Jack. These are fantastic. I am pinning them to my, "Union Jack" board on Pinterest directly from your site.

  32. I'm in love with this pillow.

  33. Love that motif too, and yours looks so pretty on the couch!

  34. I generally don't care for burlap and/or jute webbing projects, but I LOVE this one!! It's the perfect use of both materials. Fabulous!!

  35. I love this pillow. It is exactly what I have been looking for

  36. Lovely! I have burlap and webbing - I need to get sewing!