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Olive Bucket Love

Have you been bitten by the olive bucket bug yet?

You know those buckets with their weathered finish and rusty crusty handles
and lots of charming details with all the little slots that cover them

 You can find them at flea markets and antique shops or even online
at stores like Soft Surroundings which is where this one came from
and you can use them for so many things in so many places

Perfect for filling with oranges in the kitchen
 magazines next to the sofa
or using for storage on an armoire

For setting a spindly little olive tree inside 
or firewood by the fireplace.
Love it for a mixed bouquet of roses and alstroemeria 

Love the mix of that rustic weathered finish and the delicate flowers
These photos are from a few weeks ago~ so the roses have since dried
but that alstroemeria is blooming beautifully yet!
Since these buckets are slotted and won't hold water
 you can simply set a vase filled with flowers inside the bucket 
and place it on a bench or the floor or even on the porch
for a simple charming vignette.
A trio of them can be used for storage on an armoire
or under a table as well~ so charming

What ever spot it lands~ I am loving it.

To purchase a vintage Olive Basket/Bucket of your own-
you can find them HERE 
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  1. Wau-the olive basket is perfect for your home and the roses is beautiful-love pink roses!!!
    Have a nice week!

  2. I have two of those and just love them! I love weathered metal and they are SO useful!

  3. The rustic yet beautiful and the delicate together...the shades of pink with the blue is lovely.

  4. Divine basket very nicely decorated with flower bouqet. Love the contrast of rustic basket and delicate flowers. Renata

  5. The colors of your beautiful flowers looks so good against the color of the olive bucket, Courtney!

  6. It is beautiful, I am hoping to get one in Tuscany this year when I visit.

  7. Dear Courtney,
    I adore this basket!!just add few pink roses on my blog too.have a peak!

  8. Love the bucket filled with those scrumptious flowers.

  9. Before I starting blogging last fall I didn't know what an olive bucket was BUT
    now I'm in love. I'm so easy it's pathetic. ;-)
    Have a great week

  10. Thanks for that fresh breath of beauty. Have a beautiful day!

  11. Love it...never seen them around here. Have a great week.

  12. I found Your blog from Nelly Vintage Home-blog and I have to say that I`m glad I found You.
    So I`m Your new Reader from Finland. :)
    Your blog is so stunning so I have to continue to read more and look more beautiful photos.


    Emppu (

  13. Yes, I've been bitten and was fortunate to find one I could afford last Fall. I love it and am using it out in my potting shed right now.

    Beautiful pics!


  14. Simply gorgeous and those flowers were perfect!

  15. Courtney, I think you're having way too much fun playing in your new little cottage. I need to come play in there too. Love the olive bucket, and love your gorgeous roses. laurie

  16. It's the 1st olive basket I see like this. My ex had an olive grove and I've come with him to the olive picking and the basket were as any other basket, made from vegetable fibers. And we're the 1st producing country of olive oil...

  17. I forgot to comment on the gorgeous roses

  18. It is a blessing to be able to see your talents, I am so fotunate to be able to enjoy your sharing, I will be posting new things very soon and would love to share them with you also. ~Cathy K.~

  19. Oh those roses are gorgeous Courtney! Do you dry yours when they die?I can't bare to throw mine out.I hang them in my studio and reuse them.They look amazing in your olive bucket! That is one of my favorite buys!

  20. Yes, I love them and own a nice old Turkish one, which is placed in my kitchen on the floor, next to the hutch, holding a plant.

  21. I forgot to add that those flowers look beautiful in the basket!

  22. I don't have an olive galvanised basket but do like the looks,i see them everywhere now in magazines and our one local antique mall,they looks good with anything in them,from flowers to rugs and towels rolled up in them

  23. I have one of those too - finally! I gave in when Decor Steals offered them the second or third time. I love it and am looking forward to incorporating it into some photo shoots this summer.

  24. Love all the ways you style the olive bucket...looks fantastic at the base of the ladder with those gorgeous flowers!

  25. Love them too! I need to get one ;) Gorgeous styling!
    Jamie @

  26. I still have an olive baskets on my wish list:)


  27. Gorgeous! Like I need something else for my want list!! Not!! ;) Love it!