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Hidden Treasure Adventure -part 3

Hidden Treasure Adventure

completely amazing.

I certainly had no idea just how close the 6 of us bloggers and the incredible GMC crew would become
in just a few days.

These guys truly do rock in every sense of the word.
I am so honored to have been part of this team and to call each of them a friend.

From the very first stop at the Re-Store in Michigan- we were shopping for each others rooms. 
There was a lot of texting when someone would find something for someone else 
and a lot of just picking it up and bringing it with us 
to see if someone could use it.
We each had a space to decorate and a budget to do it on
$250 + a $40 gift card to get supplies for home improvement (paint, drop cloths,etc)

Almost everything in the rooms came from the yard sale or thrift stores.

Though we did end up shopping at a couple of regular
 stores to find the rest  of the things we needed to complete the rooms.
 I had the dining room, laundry room & the kitchen
a tall order for 3 spaces on that same $250 budget as 1 room had

So most of the money spent in the kitchen needed to be less about decor 
and more about what the family needed and they needed things
like pots and pans to cook with, a crock pot that was on the wish list
and general kitchen utility items that were found at a retail store not on the sale.

I think the best thing about working on this house was that in the end
 it truly wasn't about each of our individual room 'designs'

We all worked together to create
the best home that we could for the homeowners.

There were a lot of pieces were switched to another room that needed it
and changes to rooms at the last minute to help another room out.

There were drapes that I had bought that were needed last minute in the Living Room
so I used different drapes that Carissa bought for the girls bedroom in the dining room
and Carissa used a different one in the bedroom.
Musical drapes, musical furniture, musical helpers for sure.

It was definitely a group effort all around.

Sunday was a crazy day with a lot of running around, furniture moving
and improvising to get the house ready in just a few hours

But with everyone helping everyone else 

 We did it.

I know this is just the teaser post- don't throw things at me please
the full post is going to be a bit long 
and I am waiting on a few more things as well.

Come back by tomorrow to see the reveal

Happy Tuesday!


  1. How exciting and how awesome!!!

  2. Looks like it was a great time and for a great cause - can't wait to see the rest of the reveal!


  3. Such a great cause and sounds like fun as well. Looking forward to the end results!


  4. I'll e BACK! Great cause, great work, great friendships made!

  5. What a great project and team. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to give back. I'll be back tomorrow to see the reveal. What a tease......

  6. Ienjoyedwwtching the sneak peeks atHaven!

  7. The thought of this project makes me smile. What a wonderful experience for each of you. Can't wait to see the reveal tomorrow.

  8. I think I want to shop at the Michigan ReStore!!!

  9. I am just so proud of you all, and impressed - and just in awe - congrats, can't wait for the reveal - love the teaser. What a great crew and experience for sure.


  10. Can hardly wait to see the reveal. How nice to meet such wonderful ladies and all the good work you did for this family.

  11. plein de projets et d'optimiste
    c'est génial
    edith (iris) France

  12. Pouting, I was ready for the reveal, but I can wait till tomorrow!

  13. Since you posted this yesterday I'm hoping today (Wednesday) is the reveal!

  14. It's projects like this that bless the hearts and lives of so many... an inspiration to others! Thank you for being a part of it! Anxious for the reveal!!

  15. What a wonderful and heart-warming project! It is a blessed family who is getting this home makeover, for sure!

  16. $250 magical dollars? already looks amazing...and I know people are going to be scratching their heads at how good it will look with so few dollars!
    Congrats already...aimee

  17. What an exciting project! Can't wait for the reveal.