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Vintage Basket

I have a love for those just a bit shabby and crusty old treasures
The ones that are weathered and worn with their paint delightfully spidered and chipped away in places.
Yes, you could probably add that they are a little bit in need of repainting too
my husband definitely does...
 but you know that's not happening over here

This baby basket was looking so forgotten when I found it.
 It was sitting out in the weather
with it's paint wearing even further by the elements  when I found it at a sale a couple weekends ago.

I loved it's chipping, scuffed up, old glossy white paint
that shows just a bit of that pale pink and green that it once wore

Even though it was covered in old grunge and wearing dirt
 from the years of storage- that didn't bother me.
I loved the age and character is had and actually have a couple other
vintage wicker pieces that have a similar finish and look that I love.
So I knew it was perfect.

I bought it originally thinking of putting it in my bedroom atop that
 big.old.French.Armoire that takes up 9' along one wall.
There is another old baby basket up there right now... 
and a huge birdhouse...
 and then another 3' of space. 
Yep, it's 9' long.

 But when I got it home,
I decided on something different for now.

It is sitting atop that lovely old farmhouse cupboard in the dining area
filled with dried hydrangeas and roses
it's happy.

I also added a simple boxwood wreath was a 5 minute project for a touch of color too.
I have been getting in the Holiday mood over here already...I know, I know...
but I'll share the 5 minute tutorial soon.

Old wicker is not the easiest to clean or to get to look pristine for sure.
and it definitely holds on to some pretty stubborn old grunge in between all those slats and
that spidered paint.
I like to use a simple water/bleach mixture and wipe it down with a damp cloth- not soaking
but if anyone has any better ideas for cleaning without damaging the brittle wicker-would love your tips.

This basket may make a move to that armoire in the bedroom
at some point... but since there are some changes going on in there and a possibility that
armoire might be making a move of it's own

For now- enjoying it in it's new spot on the just as shabby and chippy farmhouse cupboard.

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  1. Yes,Perfect for You.Flowers are wonderful with it :)

  2. It's very pretty, Courtney. I think it suits that space perfectly. Love the flowers you filled it with.

  3. Love the basket and with the hydrangeas, how beautiful is that. I would love for you to link up to Inspire Me this afternoon. Party goes live at 2:30 PT. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hmmm, what kind of bedroom changes??? :) This is a beautiful piece and even more gorgeous shots!

  5. Love it and you just gave me an eureka!!

  6. Each of my 3 children slept in a basket like that as newborns! It was given to me by a lady in our church when my firstborn was a baby so I don't even know how old it was. Mine had spindle criss-cross legs that raised it up or lowered it. Can you believe I gave it away last year?? My good friend was becoming a gramma for the first time and needed a place for her sweet grandbaby girl to sleep when she visited. I really had no place for my wicker basket and so I gave it to her. A bittersweet gifting, but knowing it was going to be put to good use, with a baby to hold, made my heart glad :) Seeing yours just brought back all those memories and a small part of me wishes I would have kept it!
    Cindy @ Diy beautify

  7. Courtney, That baby basket looks so lovely. You found the perfect "first stop" in your home. I have some dried hydrangea that I need to decide where they are gonna live in my house. Love the hydrangea and roses.
    Have a blessed week, Ginger

  8. Try using a computer air pressure cleaner for those tight spots. It works wonders!!

  9. This is gorgeous styling. I love the distressed armoire too and the basket is perfect sitting on top of it.

    Such a pleasure to browse your pretty blog.

    Enjoy your day,


  10. Hi Sweetie,
    I love your new/old basket. It looks lovely just where it is. Do you dry your own roses and hydrangeas? How do you get the rose petals not to drop? Mine always fall off.

  11. I wIsh I could have you come to my house and decorate it! I love your style.

  12. Love it love it love it, Courtney!

    xoxo laurie

  13. Yes Please share how you dry fresh flowers.

  14. Happy to work on a post about drying flowers!! Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  15. Your basket photos are beautiful!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  16. bellissimo il tuo cesto pieno di fiori, penso che tu abbia trovato il posto giusto!!!!!

  17. Courtney, I let out audible gasps when I see your gorgeous photos!
    You inspire me, girl!


  18. Love the basket! The dried roses and hydrangias just add to the perfection! <3

    Farmhouse Junk

  19. What an amazing find Courtney! It looks absolutely beautiful too!

  20. Love the photos and would LOVE to know how you get your dried flowers to look so beautiful! Just the perfect color!

  21. Love the photos and would LOVE to know how you get your dried flowers to look so beautiful! The colors are stunning!

  22. I LOVE baskets, and this is such a great one. You gave it a brand new life... took it from being grungy and overlooked to being a treasure crowning the top of the cupboard.


  23. This is so pretty, and clearly has a story to tell!

  24. Well, old and chippy or's gorgeous! and I just love the dried flowers. Beautiful all around! ;)

  25. Oh, this basket couldn't be any more perfect! I have a love for them too - beautiful with the dried roses!

  26. I read years ago that it's ok to soak baskets in water, unless they have paint or decorations that might come off. The reasoning is that the basket fibers are soaked in water originally when the baskets are made, and that they are organic materials. I've "washed" many grungy baskets by soaking for 15 min. or so in a mild bleach water solution in the bath tub. I've never seen any damage or bad results, but everyone should use their own judgement. Of course, I don't buy expensive baskets!

  27. The way you decorated the room, every little detail, just speaks volumes to me! I love it. I had to go on a search today to find just the right shaped basket to do something similar. I found a cute one at Home Goods. I'm going to have to do some research on drying pink roses and hydrangeas. Thank you for sharing. I realize this post was written in 2013 but I'm just now seeing it in Aug. 2019!