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Simple New Years Eve decor

Happy New Years Eve!

 I love reflecting on the past year on New Years Eve and 
 and looking ahead to possibilities in the new year.
Setting goals, clarifying aspirations. 
Dreaming about possibilities

Every year- we watch the ball drop in Times Square on t.v.
and I have to say... I love.that.bling. 
So for decor, and parties
 bringing a little bit of that sparkle into the house is perfect.

 I like to decorate the house just a bit
and add a little pizazz to enjoy while we watch the ball drop in NYC
I don't do much- but I do have some favorites.
Topping the list: 

A little silver and gold and glitz and glam
What would NYE be without a little bit of glitz and glamour? 
Of course, it needs to be something super simple after all the holiday decor and entertaining
and inexpensive and easy to put up in just a few minutes.

Like a little bit of tinsel fashioned into a garland

74 cents for each box of tinsel.
I bought 6 boxes because my chalkboard is a little on the large size... ahem... 
so the banner was bigger than usual but you could probably get just a couple for a regular size chalkboard.
Drape it over a little piece of string and voila! 

Instant blinging, glitzy, glam banner
a little bit of Vegas in the dining room.

 (be prepared for your floor getting a little Vegasy with stray tinsel too) 

For the banner letters: 
I used the die-cut machine at the craft store to cut the HAPPY NEW YEAR & CHEERS letters out 
of sparkly, glittery white card stock ($3.98 total) and then simply attached them to the banner.

A few silvery trees from Christmas decor on the table

just a sprinkling of faux snow 
 ornaments & mercury glass candlesticks 
(all already on hand) 

and the table is ready for food & desserts 
&  welcoming in the New Year with a little sparkle.


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  1. It's beautiful, love, love, love the tinsel ;-)

    Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy New Year 2014~

  2. Courtney you end the year as beautifully as you started it. I look forward to visiting you in the New Year. Happy New Year! Alaina

  3. what a fun and beautiful idea, I've always loved that stringy glitzy tinsel, we used to stand back and throw it at the Christmas tree! lol! Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

  4. Mille bisous pour une très belle année!!!
    And the pleasure to read your posts!
    Kisss from Belgium...

  5. What a beautiful project, Courtney. Happy New Year! xo

  6. Lovely, Happy New Year, keep up the good work for all of us!

  7. The tinsel banner is wonderful, Courtney! I love how you fashioned all the New Year decorations with Christmas items. Totally inspired! You are so smart!

  8. Happy New Year! Looking forward to your blog in 2014!

  9. Love the tinsel idea. Hiw easy us that? Off to dollar store to stock up for next year.

  10. Happy New year! Looking forward to 2014 with you!

  11. Courtney -
    This makes me think of one of my favorite gifts. My friend made me a darling tray with these words on it: "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle". Don't you love it?
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  12. Wonderful touch of glam.

    Happy New Year.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Happy New Year Courtney! Thanks for the constant smile and inspiration. You have the most wonderful ideas!

  14. Simply beautiful! Love all the white and glitter! Have a blessed New Year!

  15. What craft store has a die-cutting machine?

  16. Love it! Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to what you have to offer us for inspiration:-)


  17. Beautiful look you have here. Happy New Year!!


  18. I think this stunning sparkly vignette just sings in the New Year! Happy 2014!