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Inspirations- John-Richard favorites

Remember when I shared all the gorgeous inspiration 
I found at High Point Market  in the
 John-Richard showroom?
Seriously stop you in your track pieces
like this complete gorgeousness.

Truly one of the most amazing pieces for me
 I might have actually had to catch my breath when I saw it.
 It reminds me so much of the antique buffet deux corps that I have but in a gorgeous
 lighter finish. I loved so much about it- but those wire inserts and pull out desk were favorites.

Loved it loved it loved it.

During the next month, I will be sharing a few posts about
 'inspirations' for furniture, lighting, etc. A way of sharing some of that inspires me
and catches my eye when shopping.
The pieces at John-Richard definitely caught my eye.
They had so many that were very antique inspired in design but with a more modern twist in upholstery for todays looks.

I loved this chair-the carvings all along the back of the frame-so gorgeous
and the pop of orange in the pattern was beautiful.

There were details everywhere.
I am actually shopping for chairs to add to the living room and would love a pair just like these. Beautiful carved frame- with delicate touches of fold and neutral upholstery- yes please!

Don't these panels have an amazing look?
The pale blue, the gold, the patina, the details.

I love them and am pretty sure I need them. 

Something else that caught my eye over and over in the John-Richard 
showroom- the incredible lighting. I think I probably 
stopped around almost every corner to grab
photo of another gorgeous chandelier covered in crystals and charm.

Some of them were absolutely breathtaking- and perfect to go on my chandelier list.

They had so many gorgeous different country french style pieces- including artwork.
I loved this.

So detailed.

Seriously so much amazing inspiration

 and yes- I really wished that I had a very large truck to bring so many pieces home with me.

One of my favorite - favorite collections in their showroom was Florence de Dampierre.
I wanted to share a few more looks at her pieces because they were definitely inspiring.

If you aren't familiar with Florence
 She is an amazing designer- with gorgeous taste in everything.
I have her books and have read through them over and over again.
 Her home is a dream seriously. Her style - impeccable.
So when I heard that her collection would be coming out at John-Richard
 I knew it would absolutely gorgeous.

I loved this blue with that orange- it was one of my favorite pairings in her room

I was so excited to meet Florence in person when she was at High Point in the showroom and
she is absolutely so sweet and lovely just as you would expect her to be.
She was sharing her collection- and what a collection it is!

Her line is filled with classic pieces with a fun twist.
Bright colors, fantastic finishes and details on everything.

 I adored this chest with it's delicate floral painting and crackled finish.

That ice blue velvety bench is part of a beautiful set.
So pretty and the styling and vignette she had set up was perfect.
From the the velvety upholstered bed frame to the prints on the wall
and the bedside table. 

To a tray on the bed
I noticed a lot of classic mixed with fresh energy in the collection.
Painted finishes mingling with metals, elegant antique styles paired with modern

No matter what your style is- whether it leans more antique and elegant 
or more modern and colorful- John-Richard has so many beautiful pieces
and inspirations and I so enjoyed visiting them and being inspired

You can find more about John-Richard and their furniture on their website

I was compensated for the post by High Point Market Authority
but all opinions are my own.

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  1. So many gorgeous things and such fabuous detail. Hugs, Marty

  2. Beautiful showroom Courtney! Thanx for coming over to my place today. I really appreciate it.

  3. What a inspirational post!!
    All the pictures are beautiful, I especially love those panels!!
    Pale blue, gilding,the patina,I love everything about them, wish I can have them in my house :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  4. So many gorgeous pieces- I am in love with that orange chinoiserie mirror!!

  5. Hi Courtney!!!

    Where do I begin??

    All through my life furniture was beautiful or not. Who designed it...I didn't care, but, in the past few years following blogs, I've really appreciated getting to know designers of such beautiful pieces!! You my dear are a big reason why I want to know who the designers are, because getting to know them, means I get to know how they come about the pieces they produce. I find it all very exciting!!

    I do a very funny thing with my head when I look at look at these pictures...I shake my head 'No' but, it's not 'No' like it's distasteful, it's like I'm saying, 'No. it's gorgeous!!!!' So, I was shaking my head a lot while looking at these gorgeous pictures!!!

    I always find beauty where you're concerned!!! Have a great week Courtney!!!


  6. Just beautiful! Love looking at furniture. Hope you brought something home.

  7. (Sigh!!) I think everything is beyond description. Saying everything is beautiful is like saying Grace Kelly looked okay. Everything is so classy and distinctive. Something you would not forget. It makes me want a bigger home.

  8. So many gorgeous pieces! I enjoyed the shopping trip with you!

  9. Ice blue with rich orange (and a little medium value turquoise in the background) were refreshingly new to me. Love being able to see the neutral and gray hues she used in combination. Your opinions were gloriously put!