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High Point Market~ Phillips Collection

 ' Every piece a conversation...'

(photo courtesy of Phillips Collection)

High Point Market is completely filled with inspiration around every corner
and in each and every showroom.
Sometimes you might know just exactly what you are looking for when stopping
and other times-
 something just might catch your eye and draw you for a closer look.
  Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection is filled with beautiful and very unique designs

I am so thrilled to be back at High Point Market and to bring a little bit of the inspiration 
to share with you! I am so excited about the companies I am working with 
and their products.

I loved so many of the pieces at Phillips Collection.
It's not my usual style in many ways. But in design- there are so many different things
that inspire or evoke a feeling. 
Even very modern pieces I can appreciate the beauty of
 find a unique pop in a room so interesting.

I also really loved what their company was all about
and that even though they have won many awards in the industry
that wasn't what they were focused on that defined them.

From their website:
Combining exciting concepts, talented designers, skillful producers and a dedicated support staff, Phillips Collection is a creative collaboration that mixes concept, craftsmanship and marketing to bring beautiful furnishings and accessories into sophisticated homes around the world. Phillips Collection has a wonderful assortment of artists dedicated to designing beautiful and unique works.

Ranging from modern styled chairs and details- to more rustic glam with cast pieces made from wood trunks and logs painted in silver, bronze and gold to fun and funky accent pieces.

 Each piece is a conversation piece
and is sure to demand attention when placed in a room.

One of the things I absolutely loved when I toured their showroom were all
 the gorgeous wood pieces.
Did you know that I love natural touches like a log or chunky 'stump' design?
You might remember the birch log that I use as an end table in the living room this Christmas
but I also have an old larger piece that is a tree stump that we found when we bought our house.
It was from an oak tree that had fallen years earlier before we moved in and that was cut down
The leftover 'stump' was huge and I found each of it's holes and branch areas so interesting
we saved it and have used in various areas in the outdoor entertaining area.

So when I saw these pieces of wood and large tree pieces being turned into polished furniture
I was amazed.

Large tree roots from underground like these became table bases, consoles and elegant art
as well as functional pieces in so many finishes and different woods.

These are pieces from roots of large old trees that were dead that were then dug from the ground and turned into art and furniture.
As such- no two of them are alike and when you have one of these tables in your dining room, living room or on your patio- you truly have a one of kind.

Look at the gorgeous detail in this wood.

 I took dozens of photos. Dozens
and then we went to their warehouse and I took dozens more.
There was so many unique and interesting pieces which are truly like works of art
and as someone who loves interior design- traditional as well as a touch of industrial and modern in a room some of these pieces really caught my eye.

(photo courtesy of Phillips Collection)

One of my favorites were these logs.
 I had seen them on the website before previewing in person
and after seeing them up close and personal -I am thinking I might need one.

I am also loving all the petrified pieces I have been seeing popping up here and there.
These petrified logs are perfect for adding to a room for a side table
Love all that detail

Or if you prefer-  use it as a stool

These huge pieces of wood that they used for these gorgeous slab tables were amazing.
These tables and slabs are all from a sustainable design concept- they were not harvesting trees
just to make furniture. Some of the woods were from trees that were no longer living

or from trees that were cut and re-planted because they were done producing fruit
which was a normal occurrence for that species of tree and its lifecycle

 Each slab is individually selected and then the piece is made.
Thick, chunky wood polished to perfection and absolutely incredible.
They are fully customizable too- choose the style of leg you want
or a matte or glossy finish, etc.

There was a table in the showroom that had a trestle type leg and a soft matte finish
that was custom and looked very french vintage and was gorgeous.

The silver and gold stools/logs/tables-yes, love.

I could see one of these beauties in my home for sure.
These are actually cast from a tree piece but are not wood- they are resin
 so they will not rot or mildew like can happen with real painted logs
but they look just like the real deal with a bronze finish or gold or silver leaf.

There were so many fun pieces too
like these animals that were commissioned from a smaller, independent artist. 

Phillips Collection loves to work with smaller artists as well as larger artists and support them.

Tic Tac Toe - yes- it is weather proof as well
perfect for the patio for parties.

Driftwood planters
These are huge and were chosen to be highlighted at market.

This is travertine that would otherwise have been discarded because they were not perfect 
or considered a usable piece- they have turned them into chunky blocks for tables or stools

Phillips Collection loves to use 'forgotten' or unusable pieces in their designs
and create something beautiful with them.
It was so neat to listen to them talk about their passion for their design
and product and the history and thought process behind each artist they work with 
and each piece in their collection.
They are very conscious of sustainability in design as well as environment.
I rode in an electric Tesla vehicle courtesy of Jason on the way to tour their showroom where they also have a Tesla and electric vehicle charging station ready to charge you up while you shop if you would like.
The showroom was huge and filled with so many more one of a kind pieces just waiting
 to become that something beautiful.
I will share more of what else caught my eye in Phillips Collection  like a set of beautiful petrified wood plates, sinks & mirrors made from oil drums in another post soon.

Plus more from market- a Day at Market post and rug inspirations coming your way.

You can read more about Phillips Collection on their website
and find links to purchase their products there as well.

This post was sponsored by  High Point Market
but all opinions are my own of course

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  1. Oh how gorgeous are those "stumps"....I so remember my dad using a stump on the patio from a tree that he cut down and us kids thinking is was silly....well, now he is the one laughing up there now.....gorgeous collection!!!

    1. Loved hearing your story Shirley- so glad you liked the collection and it brought back a good memory for you!

  2. I have always wanted a "stump" side table. I love the natural element and the simplicity of them, these are beautiful

    1. I love adding that natural element to a room too. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So hard to pick faves Courtney, thanks for taking us along!

  4. Courtney, it is fun to see something different. Some of these pieces are most creative. Love the horse heads by the individual artist.

    1. I totally agree Sarah! I was really impressed with so much of this collection and the stories behind the company. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. There is a wonderful Mississippi artist, Cairo Wheeler, who made the most beautiful natural wood furniture using fallen wood after Hurricane Katrina. I'm fortunate enough to have three of his pieces. How correct you are that they make a statement no matter the fashion of your other pieces. I have mine mixed with family heirlooms, contemporary sofa and bookcases and my other eclectic pieces. I would love to add a silver stump stool to the mix. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Those pieces from Hurricane Katrina sound amazing. Yes- the silver logs are fantastic -I loved both the silver and gold and the petrified pieces!

  6. Love those gold logs
    Love your blog