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Details- On the nightstands

Sometimes - it's all about the details

In a room,  where each element paints a part of the overall picture,
the details are what warms it up.

Maybe its a stack of old worn books 
or a few softly blooming flowers
or a lamp that has a base shaped like a column.
Or maybe it is something simple like a cute little puppy statue that charms you.

So many times someone emails me to ask me to share the 'right' way to style something.
and my response is always the same.

Do what you love. 

If you love colorful 25 photos grouped together- go for it.
If you love a lamp and nothing else-then that is perfect.
You want a plethora of different tchotchkes? 
It might make some crazy- 
but hey- it's your space. 
I am a big believer in doing what makes you happy.

For me- that means in my bedroom, for example,
you won't find proper nightstands. 
I have an antique french commode and a dresser that I use. 
No- they don't match- they aren't even the same color or shape.
Know what else? 
My lamps don't match either and believe it or not
I am a symmetry loving girl most of the time. How does that happen?
What can I say-  I just like what I like.

So since I was photographing the overall room for something else
I decided to share a quick 
'What's on the nightstand today' post.
Random, yes, but I was loving that little dog and he deserved some recognition.
So here's what is on my nightstands this week:
(I say this week because, well, you know)

On one of them, 
 a vintage column lamp.
a stack of naked books
that sweet puppy statue and a bouquet of peonies
I love how the flowers echo the colors and floral ticking
 in the vintage curtains
and that.lamp. 

This vintage lamp has so many details- like the column and wreath and ribbon on each side
It was a thrift store find several years ago and though I wasn't sure where it would go,
I was sure it was coming home with me.

It has been in another room for awhile now but it recently made a move.

On the other side of the bed is the antique french commode


A favorite little girl statue lamp
paired with a small silver creamer container filled with flowers
and a black and white photo of my kids when they were little.

Simple is my mantra in here
When I am not taking photos- you might find my laptop, bottle of water or a stack of design books 
so the pretty decor usually sits to the back to allow for the everyday busy stuff

I am contemplating making a few changes with regards to the nightstand situation over here
 and have been pinning pretty pictures like these-
 the links are all on my pinterest board LOVE

  Like the tiny pop of color

The lamp and hydrangeas- love them.

Though I am not usually a fan of round tables as nightstands only because 
I feel like they are harder to navigate around at the top of the bed
this is charming with the wallpaper and tablecloth 

Don't want or need to use a nightstand at all? 
If you don't need a lamp or a place to store anything 
use a stack of favorite books and place a vase on it. 
It shows that basically anything goes if it works for you

So what about you? What do you have on your nightstands right now ?
Are you a traditional or a non traditional nightstand type? 

I am so behind in getting all my Summer on and shared
but it's coming- so stay tuned for that a well as some long overdue room updates

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Very pretty vignettes, Courtney! I love what is on your nightstands right now. : ) That column lamp is beautiful, but I also love the statue lamp on the other side. I have round tables as our nightstands {tables from Bombay several years ago} covered with dropcloth covers and I like to keep mine fairly simple so I can fit my kindle/book and glasses for bed time reading handy. Besides my lamp I also have a few small pictures and I usually keep a bottle of water at hand.

  2. Bonjour,

    Merci pour ce très joli partage... Je suis complètement d'accord avec vous, il faut laisser aller notre coeur et nos envies du moment pour créer une petite atmosphère sur le chevet de notre lit... Elle correspondra alors à notre ressenti.
    Vos photos sont très belles et dégagent un bien-être rempli de fraîcheur et de romantisme.

    ♡ Gros bisous ♡

  3. Sigh! sigh, I have a lot of clutter right now on mine. I feel like I'm drowning in clutter as we shuffle grown children in and out. I think I need to reclaim my space and have a haven amidst the chaos! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nightstands are hard for me. Mine has to be functional because I love to have just about everything handy in my "boudoir" in the evening., books , magazines, water or tea, TV remote, and sometimes even bones to toss to the pups!! I have better luck in the guest rooms, fear not!

    I fell in love with that little puppy statue as I looked at your pics. Something I never would have wanted before!! :)

    Jane x

  5. Non traditional. The Mr has a vintage Broyhill nightstand with a vintage camera on a small black box , also vintage, an alarm clock, and a bronze statue of a small boy. Whatever book he's reading and a picture of us. My side has a set of nesting tables. On the largest one i0nhave a green hand painted tray with a tall(ish) clock, a tea pot with a topiary in it, a book of luv poems, and a silver jewelry box from my daddy. The lamps are hanging ones with vintage silk shades.
    I luv your vignettes on your nightstands. I agree with you.. use what you luv.

  6. Oh your little dog is darling,and teamed with the flowers and lamp it's so pretty.
    My bedsides are well overdue for a change,but I hesitated because they work. Now I want to change them after seeing yours.

  7. I so love the way you style a table or everything for that matter!!...Love, love those lamps!!!