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Random Saturday

I love random Saturday posts
and sharing a mish-mash of a few different things and thoughts
all put together

Along with adding a couple of pretty pictures too, maybe, and you have it.
Like the pictures that you took because your daughter
 brought a whole bowl filled with fresh picked blackberries in the house.
And instead of grabbing a handful to eat
you grabbed a handful 
to photograph 

Who does that?  
Uhm... I certainly don't know anyone like that. 
But a blackberry recipe might be coming your way soon. ;)

Random #2.  

I am beginning to feel a bit lazy... I actually slept in the past couple of days.

For some reason, I like to set that alarm to go off at 5am every morning. 
Whether it's a Saturday or a Tuesday- I just like to stay on a schedule during the Summer.
But catching up after a crazy busy week and coming home hitting the ground running - 
that 5 am alarm felt like it was kicking my rear end. 
So I confess. 
I turned the alarm off and slept in.... and I liked it. 
Feeling a little rebellious over here... what could be next?

Random #3.

 My youngest baby is turning 16.

Of course, one of my friends reminded me the other day that in 2 years, 
all 3 of my kids will be in the officially 'grown' category 
and then what I am going to do?

Insert mid-life crisis. 

Random #4

Did you know I have a new grand dog?

 A little dachshund named Sebastian. My middle son and his girlfriend
adopted him about a month ago and during the day while they are at work
he has been staying at our house for the Summer until school starts back up.
They think he is about 5 years old and he runs around like crazy
and for some reason loves to jump up and down. 
A. lot.
Not sure if it's a dachshund thing or just a Sebastian thing.

He is a ton of fun and yes, just a little mischievous and loves to 'bug' Bella.
Can you tell from that sweet innocent face?
He is keeping us busy and entertained for sure-
you can follow some of the  Sebastian adventures I share on instagram
if you would like.

Random #5

I am decorating the little cottage for Summer
because-you know,  it's July 19th already
and  I haven't done it yet. 

But first, I have to paint the floors in the main part of the cottage
which means I have a lot of furniture to move. Which will also lead to other changes
but even so, the cottage is blushing a bit because it just appeared in
 Cottages & Bungalows June/July issue
They are such a fantastic magazine and I am honored to work with them
You can take a peek at the cottage dressed for Summer last year

Hope your weekend is off to a great start~ 
Happy random Saturday!

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  1. Hi Courtney, I've just returned to blogging after a couple years' break and found your blog through a Feathered Nest Friday post somewhere. You take beautiful photography and I really like this idea of a "random" post of gorgeous little snippets - perfect for weekend reading... (It's Sunday morning here in Australia).

  2. I realize there are so many blogs out there but seriously, where have I been? Your blog is exactly what I've been looking for. Your use of whites and then the bright colorful flowers, is so me. Maybe I was following your blog and got so busy I didn't keep up but you can call me a serious follower NOW. Beautiful. Serene and so very inspiring to visit here. Plus, I have a Chihuahua, love my little baby so much.

    1. Thank you Rhonda~it's nice to meet you! Chihuahuas are such sweeties aren't they? We love our Bella so much too! :)

  3. I have most of the magazines your home has been featured in...probably ALL of them, but don't want to seem like a stalker!
    Your dining area with the two chandeliers and the big blackboard are my all time favorite dining pictures. And I showed the tile man your barely there checkerboard pattern on your bathroom floor trying to talk him into letting me pick out darker and lighter travertine tiles (no dice, but I tried) to replicate the look. You, your home, and your blog are all rock stars.

    1. You are so sweet- thank you for your compliments! I have thought about changing the chalkboard for a bit several times... but so far it has stayed - I love it too! :)

  4. Oh you so deserve to sleep in after a hectic week of activities and travel....just love your randomness...the table in the cottage looks so beautiful...and off to get my issue of Cottages and Bungalows...congrats again Courtney!...and that Sebastian is so cute!!!

    1. Sometimes you have to be a little random after a crazy fun week! :) Sebastian is such a cute little guy- we are enjoying his funny personality :) Looking forward to seeing you this fall in High Point!

  5. I love reading your blogs, and would love to see you style a child's room in French Country Cottage style.

  6. MMm how did you manage to get a photo before they disappeared ? They look so yummy. It's a shame we don't have many blackberry bushes around anymore, they are classified weeds now:(

  7. Your photography is magnificent, my friend.

  8. Your images are stunning, as always. I love to read your blog for your photography as much as your words. Lovely post, and the dog is adorable.

  9. I love your Blog and this Post with Most beautyful photos.
    Greetings from Germany

  10. sehr appetitlich!!! danke für das schöne bild und liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland