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DIY ~ Burlap covered cork board

Did someone say it was back to school time? 
I am pretty sure that Summer just started. 
I am pretty sure that it is only the first week of August.

Yet, the school calendar is telling me that the first day is in just over a week.
It seems like the Summer has just flown by this year.

So it is time to get organized for the upcoming school year 
and for our Lowes Creator challenge this month~
it was about just that. 

 It seems there are always bits and notes that need a place to go and so, 
the first thing that came to mind was making a cork board for have a space for saving and organizing
 all those reminders and inspirations that seem to love to clutter up the desk.
It was a simple project that has just a few elements.
 Since I love to incorporate a vintage look- I started with a vintage frame that I already had and also added some burlap as a layer over the cork.  

Here's what you need:

cardboard or wall board for backing
roll of cork 

I started by choosing the perfect frame for this project.
 I wanted something large that had a lot of space for the cork board. 
A tall gold frame was perfect. It has been used both as a simple frame and as a chalkboard in other rooms of the house.

Next up- the insert which will be your cork board area.

You can cut beaded board or other hardboard panels with a jigsaw - always remember safety first and if you aren't familiar with using a jigsaw- ask for someone who is to help you.
 Another option is to use a piece of thick cardboard for the insert.

After your insert is ready to go
grab the cork and lay it out on the top for measuring.
If working on the floor-and you have mischievous dogs around
 keep an eye on your roll of cork. 
Little stinkers like a certain little cute grand dog of mine named Sebastian *ahem*  might come along and decide that it is their new chew toy.

 Luckily- he only got through a couple layers when he bit it before I grabbed it.

After laying out the cork,  I added the glue to the board first.

Be liberal with the glue and spread it around with a paint brush to get it evenly added everywhere.   School glue, carpenters glue even gorilla glue all work.
 {If using Gorilla glue- be careful not to get it on your hands or clothing}
 I don't recommend hot glue unless you are able to work super fast 
to get each section pressed down and flat. 

Don't worry about extra areas of cork that hang over the edge - they are easy to cut off.

I like to then stack a bunch of books or other heavy things on top to keep it all flat.
Since the cork was rolled up- it tends to want to re-roll back- so stack away and then allow about a half an hour to an hour for it to dry before trimming excess off the edges.

If you are adding a layer of fabric or burlap there are a couple of ways to go about it.
 One way is to paint another layer of white school glue on top of the cork board
and lay your fabric on top and press to secure it. 
The other would be to stretch the fabric and tack it on the back side of the board. 
I prefer the first method- because- frankly, it's easier and I am all about quick and easy projects.
But, if you aren't sure you want that fabric there
I would try the other first before layering glue on your cork. 

Once you are done with the fabric or are not using fabric on the board
you simply pop your cork board piece into the frame and secure it with staples or small nails 

You have a perfectly charming and functional cork board to start the school year off organized.

Happy creating!

I am thrilled to be a member of the Lowes Creative Ideas Network
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  1. Very cute! I just happen to have a roll of cork in the basement and some extra frames...what a shame! ;-)

  2. Absolutely stunning thank you for sharing. I can't wait to make these.

  3. Absolutely love it! You are so creative! Love the chair/settee also

  4. So beautiful, Courtney. I am planning to make something like this for my art room. Thank you for the instructions.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Luv when something so mundane as a cork board comes out looking so beautiful!

  6. Adore!! I have just the perfect frame to make this with!

  7. Great idea Courtney and with school and kids, everyone needs a big message board ... and a pretty one too.
    Good job.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. I love it! You did a great job and I really enjoyed your post!
    Keep em' coming! Leticia

  9. Love this Courtney, I actually just painted a thrift store frame I found with the intention of doing something similar. I'm torn between made a sign or doing a pretty burlap cork board. Was the roll of cork expensive? And where did you find it?

  10. Thanks for tips. I can decor my room by French styles :) Sàn gỗ tự nhiên