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Inspiration~ College room makeover

Can you believe it is September already?
How did that happen?
Where exactly did June, July and August go this year?
September means Autumn is coming.
Cool nights and crisp mornings
and colorful changing leaves on the trees.

It also means back to school.

Since September is here- you can expect a plethora of Fall posts are going to be coming your way
and they are actually starting up later this week over here
 (though I am going to embrace that Summer weather and feeling  for as long as I can)

But today, I am sharing a peek at a room makeover I recently wrapped up with a sweet 
friend of ours who is getting ready to start her second year of college.

She is a shabby loving girly girl.
Give her soft colors like purples and whites mixed with florals, a little tiffany blue 
and a touch of glam any day of the week and she is happy.

So when I asked her about doing a little room makeover with HomeGoods
which of course, involved a little shopping to find a few things to spruce up an
otherwise plain room she is renting for college
she was super excited.

Though we started with a white shell-
it was looking like something that felt like home away from home before long.
Even better, it was all done on a college student budget by
 using pieces and things that  she already had, 
adding a few fun touches that I had in storage
 and shopping HomeGoods for a few special treats.

Every glam college room has to have a touch of gold don't you think?
She loved the burlap covered cork board that I made recently and so,
we made her one out of a pretty frame that was spray painted gold.
It is a perfect place to pin all her favorite photos of family and save those little treasures.

Above the bed- a fun decor project that was made with a few favorite fabrics 
The rag decoration banner was a fun afternoon project that I will share more about- so easy to make and so easy to customize too.
The vintage green chalkboard and metal chair were pieces that I had in storage 
that I gave to her to use.

Tip: Use everyday items in a decorative way
A coat hook on the wall is pretty in pink enamel and is perfect for 
holding coats, shirts and even favorite handbags.
I pulled out a few fun things I had in my closet for styling the photos
like the cowboy hat and jean jacket 

All in all- with  fantastic finds from HomeGoods
 and being a little creative - her room turned out so pretty

You can find lots more photos of the room and all the details 
 of what we found at  HomeGoods
 on the 
HomeGoods blog

 You can also 'shop the look' to find some of the pieces
 you love to incorporate into your own rooms.

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  1. Oh gosh !! What a blessing to have your dorm feel like "home" !! It would help so many kids not get as home-sick if the dorm was not so plain :) You are an ANGEL !! I think ppl who are comedians (love my sit-coms) and designers (like you who make houses home) are truly angels on earth who make life happy and extra special oxoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! She loves the pieces we found to make her college room feel like home :)

  3. A fun room for a lovely girl! Great job! LOVE that banner!

  4. Wow a dorm with a double it!

    1. Yes, so nice to be able to use her larger bed! She is renting for school so not it's not a room in a 'dorm' - just a 'college' room. :)

  5. How cozy, Courtney! My favorite things are the rag banner and sheepskin on the metal chair. :)

  6. Fun and creative....a perfect way to get creative in a dorm room.


  7. What an incredible room! Love the blackboard above her bed.

  8. I certainly would have loved to have such a room when I went to college. It is such a warm room -- feminine and chic. It would be a pleasure having friends visit as well as studying and dreaming.

  9. I love this room it's great. Can't wait until you do a tutorial on that banner.

  10. A great room as always Courtney...i am sure she is thrilled with it!...what a great environment to study in!!!

  11. What color/brand of paint did you use on the cabinets in your guest house? Thank you for the information.