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DIY~ Radiator Screen Lanterns

I love beautiful metal lanterns with pretty patterns & details.
They are so perfect for lighting steps outdoors,
 for a little ambiance on your patio
 and even for bringing indoors and displaying on the mantel.

Even better- these are so.simple. to make with just a few things from Lowes.

DIY Radiator Screen Lanterns

Here's what you need:

 Sheet of  metal Radiator mesh screen 
Metal wire- 2 sizes
Led candles or lights
Glass jar in the size you would like to make your lanterns
protective gear 

The radiator mesh screen comes in several patterns at Lowes- I used this one for my lanterns. 

You want to measure the size that you would like your lanterns to be.
I used a spaghetti sauce jar for the sizing- because, you know,  I am very technical that way ;) 
but you can make them any size you like.

Using scissors, cut the screen at the height you would like
 and then roll the jar inside the screen to see how much you need to create the lantern
 and then cut again. You will then have the piece that will become your lantern.

Safety Note: 
Be careful while cutting and after cutting the metal- the edge pieces will be sharp. 


Wrap your metal around again until the two sides meet and using small pieces of metal wire
put the wire through one of the holes on each side and then tie the two pieces together 
to make the lantern. 

There is no bottom in these- they are simply 'sleeves' that you will place over the light

The next step is to add a little handle if you would like.
It is really just a decorative handle since as mentioned- these do not have a bottom-
but I like the look of it. 
Using the thicker wire or even reusing a handle from something else works.
 Simply bend the wire to be the shape you would like and push it through the holes on each side.

Then it's time to place the lanterns with your led candles inside where you would like to use them 
Note: Use LED candles -especially outdoors near plants.

Then it's time to get ready to enjoy.

Seriously, these are so easy to make with just a few materials 
and they are perfectly charming for adding outdoor ambiance. 

I am loving how they turned out.

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