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5 Minute decorating- baby pumpkin vignettes

Did you know that I have a room with a split personality right now?

It's true. It's kind of random but
I walked into the room the other day
 looked at these yellow checked curtains
and thought how pretty they looked by the chippy cupboard
and framing the french doors. 

And then I sat down on the sofa.
And next to the floral ticking curtains that framed the other french door
 and I sighed, at just how much I love their romantic french cottage style. 

And then I looked at the window across the room...
oh yes...there is more. 

One of the windows in this room wears those soft pale linen curtains
 and so I nodded, admiring the subtle look that they have.
Then it occurred to me that I had 3 different sets of curtains in one room.
Yes, as in 3 different sets of curtains in one room.

Am I indecisive? (maybe)
 Am I confused? (likely)
 but that is not why.
It's because I had 3 different looks to photograph 
so I changed a couple of the curtains to accommodate each one.

Then I got busy and a wee bit chaotic with an out of town trip and a bit more going on
and I realized when I sat down the other day
that I had not changed them back yet.

Mind you- it has only been a week or so
but nonetheless- can you imagine if a friend stopped by?
They would think I had lost my mahhbles.
(which... well, you know) ;)

So THIS my friends
 is WHY 
a 5 minute touch of Autumn is perfect for me.

I need something simple and sweet that I can whip together quickly and call it good.
Can I just say I am loving the 5 minute decorating series?
So fun and so simple.
I hope you are enjoying it too!

So far I have shared a vignette in a tray with pumpkins

So what about those little things- like side tables that need a little splash of Fall?
Or cupboards and hutches that you can peek into ?
They need something small and subtle that oozes Autumn charm.

Here are 5 simple and easy ideas for going small with baby pumpkins

Teacups & pumpkins

Oh yeah, I am loving teacups and pumpkins-
 and this one is an easy one for any spot.
A shelf in the kitchen, in the sideboard or even on a small table.

Even just on a dish with a bit of moss-it's a cute display all around.

Pumpkins & silver 

Uhm, white pumpkins and pretty silver? Yes, please.
This is a super easy way to warm up your goblet collection in the hutch
Just plop a little sprig of hydrangea into a silver goblet and add a pumpkin. 
Easy easy easy.

Roses & pumpkins

For something a little more romantic - 
gather a few pumpkins on a small table and add a vase of mini roses.

 Or use an old tin filled with flowers if you prefer. 
A super sweet side table vignette with just the right amount of Autumn.

Acorns & pumpkins & a cloche?  Oh my!

Why not take a plate and layer with moss and a few acorns 
add a pumpkin and top it with a cloche?

It's charming. It's easy. It takes just a few minutes. 

Potted Pumpkins

Have an extra clay pot around that you love?  

If you like it then you better put a pumpkin on it.
I apologize. I went there. 

Seriously though-
they are great for an outdoor mantel or porch or just for a little fun
whimsical garden touch.

So there you have it. 5 super fast and super easy
 5 minute ideas with tiny pumpkins.

Oh and tonight on Joss and Main at 9 pm Eastern Time is
 Finding Home's Holiday Hostess curated event! 
I shared last week that I was asked to join their exclusive Holiday Hostess event this year- and I am so excited to be a part of it!
 I can't wait to see what Laura has in her sale. 
  I will share much more in the coming weeks and more about the 
 French Country Cottage Holiday event that will be coming up as well.

You can shop the Finding Home exclusive event starting tonight at 9pm EST at Joss & Main

and if you need an invite to join Joss & Main- you can click
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Happy Tuesday everyone
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  1. Love your fast fixes. Funny about 3 sets of curtains. And I can't wait to check out J and M tonight - congrats.

  2. Beautiful ideas! Pink roses and pumpkins? I never would of thought of pairing the two, but it looks fabulous. I love it.
    Thanks for the ideas.
    Michelle from

  3. Your 5 minute decorating ideas are great, Courtney. I love every one of them, and they are just the sort of seasonal decorating I would commit to do. They're simple, easy and charming. Even better, they won't break the bank. Perfect! Thanks for sharing. ~ Nancy

  4. Hi Courtney, your 5 minute decoration ideas are beautiful I love to look at your blog so charming you have the must beautiful home, I cant wait to see one day a tour around your home.
    Thank you so much for sharing your decoration!!!

  5. Very pretty! I am obsessed with those little pumpkins this year!

  6. I was sitting here trying to picture how you made 3 different sets of curtains work in one room and actually believing you might have pulled it off. And, I'm a decorator by trade! duh

  7. Hahaha.... This was really entertaining! I can only imagine mown reaction if I had walked by your house and saw three different sets of curtains next to each other, I would be like: "thats gotta be the house of one craaaazy lady...." haha....
    To more serious things, though. I love your 5 minute vignettes! Only problem I have is that I never manage to use only five minutes. I can easily use 30-45 minutes and have a problem stopping.... I got to get my hands on some mini pumpkins soon! Hopefully I can find them somewhere. Norway is not accectly known for its pumpkins :)

  8. All very pretty,but I love the silver goblets with the white pumpkins

  9. What a beautiful post...I just love visiting your blog and all it's beauty!

  10. Beautiful photos, Courtney, and the vignettes are each one absolutely lovely. I adore using the mini pumpkins for autumn decor. I like the white ones because they can continue right on into December and January if I want. One other way I use them is atop small urns about the house. So many fun ways to add them!
    I'm off to check out the sale. Thanks!

  11. Wonderful! And I have Blue Willow I have some great ideas...thank you for this lovely post and great photos.

  12. Everything is lovely ! Love it all !