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Smart bathroom ideas

You know, I blog about a lot of different things over here.
Things like decorating, furniture, inspirations and even a little cooking 
to go along with entertaining.
Sometimes, it's a little personal with family posts and sometimes
it's even random and filled with the different things running through my head.

 I might even start adding in a little bit about fashion one of these days-
because fashion is much like decorating.
Of course decorating and DIY are some of my favorite things to blog about
 and we do a lot of DIY projects since we live in a vintage home.  

Of all of the projects we have done- and have to do
some of my least favorites involve plumbing.

I don't think I could keep track of how many times we have had plumbing issues. 
But... I can tell you that old house plumbing issues have led to updates and more projects. 
Several times. 

 Do you remember when I went to the Delta Faucet Event to learn all about
the smart technology that Delta has? I was so impressed.  Seriously.

It's kind of like when you are used to driving an older car and then you drive a new one
 and are amazed at how much has changed
 and the things that you didn't realize were available in cars now.
It's like a new world.
Technology for the house is no different and
we learned about a ton of new technology at the event.
Like how each faucet is designed, how it helps solve a problem or fill a need,
how they are made as well as how smart they are.
Yes, believe it or not - some of the products are pretty darn smart.

If you follow me on instagram, you might remember when my partner in crime
 Rachel and I shared that we installed a toilet at the event.
 Yep, we did.  

We didn't know at the time that Delta would be sending us a new toilet along with some other plumbing goodies for each of us to install and try out in our own homes so that we could
truly experience Delta technology.
One of the products was top secret and we were not allowed to share it
until now. 

I know. It's a toilet. 
But it is not just a toilet. It's a smart toilet.
It does all the things you need a toilet to do and so much more.
For starters, this bad boy has a hands free flush.  
No touching to flush- simply hold or wave your hand in front of the sensor. 
(and in case you are wondering- nope not at all like the public toilets that don't work half the time
this one actually does work well and flushes when it is supposed to)

Even better though is what you don't see.  It has overflow protection and leak detection.
So it will only flush so many times to the point that it lets you know you need to fix the problem
and not just keep flushing- which if you do- causes that lovely overflow that I am sure you have experienced before. No overflow = no big mess to clean up. 
That is a good thing.
The leak detection will let you know if there is a problem with a leak 
before you end up having to re-do the floor.

(Which might involve taking up all the tile in an 8x8 area and crossing your fingers that they carry the same tile several years after you installed it.)
In case you are wondering- yes, that has happened and we had to take out
 half of the floor in the bathroom. 
 Not just the tile- the whole thing- right down to the subfloor and joists had to be replaced. 
All because of the toilet was oh so quietly leaking for months when we had no idea.
So something that is smart enough to let me know about that
and avoid that whole mess and expense?
I like it.
You can read more about just how smart the Delta FlushIQ toilet  is here.

What a bout a fun and useful product: 
Do you know how hot you like your water in your shower to be?
I like my water to be about 115 degrees - up to maybe even 118 depending.

I know... I guess some like it hot. ;)
Another smart product that we learned about is the Delta Temp 2 O shower head
It shows the temperature of the water- and a color- to let you know it's hot or its cool.
 It only took about 5 minutes to install - is as simple as unscrewing your old shower head
 and screwing this one on.

I turn on the water and watch the temperature and color change to reach that 115 and then jump in. The thermometer is powered by water not by battery and it has several different spray settings to get just the right amount of water you like. 
I think it's pretty useful and
I am planning on getting my brother one of these for my 1 year old twin nieces bathroom.

Plus- we learned all about touch free technology for the bathroom faucets
Such a great idea and definitely on my list for the bathroom sink changes.

See this piece of chippy goodness?
 I am in love and 
 it's also a part of the new look going on in the bathroom.

and that cupboard has a few changes going on

More soon.
So much going on over here that I will share as well
Fun stuff. decorating stuff and some exciting changes coming up
and even a couple great giveaways coming your way too- so stay tuned!

See you tomorrow for another simple decorating idea for Autumn!

Happy Sunday everyone

I was not compensated to share the smart Delta products with you
 but I was given product to try and a trip to Delta Faucet HQ to learn about them.

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  1. Plumbing isn't the "glamorous" side of DIY and home decor. Still, it is so important. It is easy to take it for granted when it is all working well. When it's not, it is a NIGHTMARE! I you have showed some great products in your post today. We are getting ready for a mini-makeover in a bathroom and I am going to keep these products in mind as we change things out.
    Michelle from

  2. I'm planning to update our master bathroom....I'll check out that Delta toilet, sounds fabulous!

  3. Very,very glamourose thiese litle bath....

  4. Lovely new products that will look beautiful in your updated, new floor bathroom. We had a leak in the main floor bathroom of this old house that probably was going on for the last 25 yrs! Yeah, we've been here 6 months and the previous owners just buried their heads in the sand. I had a little giggle when I read that with a wave of the hand, the toilet flushes. Hilarious! I can just see my 2 cats in crime figuring that one out! They have already realized they can turn the lever taps on : ). Patty/NS

  5. Wow...I love that great new flushing mechanism!!!...and always love seeing your glorious bath....and even little "peeks" !!

  6. with a name like delta how could you go wrong xx

  7. Love the bathroom wallpaper who is it made by and possibly the name of it?