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French Country Cottage Christmas ~ Home Tour

A little bit Merry and a little bit bright

I. love. Christmas time.
Christmas time brings so much wonder and magic -
It is definitely one of my favorite times of year for decorating
and entertaining.

I deck the halls starting in November- as in deck.the.halls.
and maybe the whole house...

 I will be sharing lots of posts about decorating, diy and entertaining this month
but am excited to be joining the Holiday Housewalk again this year
and sharing a tour of our home wearing it's Christmas dress.

If you stopped by from Dear Lillie
whose style and home I absolutely adore


 I am so glad you stopped by!!
Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy all the holiday inspiration
this week as you jump from one house to the next in the Holiday Housewalk.

Since I took about 500 photos
of each room
and maybe re-styled a couple of them several times 
for the magazine I just worked on and another project
I am sharing just a few here
and just a couple photos of each of the rooms to keep it from being
waaay too long
which I am sure it already will be
 so make sure to come back to 
see much, much more decking and reveals in the coming weeks.

Our home is an old 1940's cottage
that was in dire need of some love and attention when we first found it-
but I saw potential in the old hardwoods, wood plank walls and original details
and was charmed. 

The Living Room 

The living room is a large room filled with light and a huge fireplace
which is perfect for warming up and for decorating.

From working on decorating with baubles on the bench
and that gorgeous violet chair from Soft Surroundings 

and just a few on the tree

to adding a bit more.

I have a confession.
 I have changed this rooms Christmas decor 3 times
for print and for the blog in the past couple months and I haven't decided which way I like it best even. Super quiet Christmas- or super charged Christmas.
So you might be seeing it looking a little different in a separate post as well.
One involves blues and peonies and a big fresh cedar wreath
that might be romantic Christmas ;)

I will share that look soon but for now-  I decided to share a simple French cottage look
which kind of started with that chipping aqua bench
that I brought in from the outdoors

I love the color and patina it has.
This Balsam Hill tree is from last year and is decorated in gold baubles of various sizes
and lots of twinkling lights. I am in love.

The mantel this year was inspired
by a box full of fresh bay leaves and wreaths 

I have been feeling really simple in decor lately
and fresh bay leaves fit perfectly.

Love them for clipping and filling vintage silver
and for using as a garland.

White faux fur stockings, collected pinecones 
and a stack of pretty packages wait to be opened under the tree

The antique buffet deux corps gets a little Christmas on 
with fresh cedar clippings and fresh fruit mixed in with all the white dishes

Dining Room

Lots of fresh greens and simple touches continue

A garland of bay mixed with nuts and fruit runs down the table

and cedar clippings are placed in the chandeliers

Sneak peek at a simple DIY table setting 
project coming your way this week...

In the bedroom- just a little peek
 as I will be sharing more details

and this gorgeous new frosted tree from Balsam Hill
in a separate post. Yes, I said frosted tree...
You will not believe how amazing this tree looks.

The mantel in the bedroom is very French inspired this year
and I am in love with it. 
The bay wreath is adorned with gold ribbon and a cherub that was my grandmothers.

Even the master bathroom gets a little Christmas cheer
more coming soon


In the sitting area off the bedroom
 a gorgeous white and flocked tree greets you

Not too many ornaments needed for this one- those flocked branches are ornamentation on their own
but I am loving this pretty pale blue peacock from Balsam Hill tucked into its branches.


I love the office pretty in soft, shabby colors
with a white tree wearing a mix of pink and white and beads

The fireplace is draped in simple fresh greens 
with frosted pinecones and ornaments.

Pretty packages

being wrapped by the tree

Outdoor Patio area

It's a winter wonderland on the patio
with a sprinkling of faux snow

We use our covered outdoor area almost all year long
and I love to place a large Christmas tree out here as well.

We built this rock fireplace a few years ago
and each rock was placed and held for 5-10 minutes until it was
set before going to the next.

Being outdoors most of the year is a treat and the patio is a perfect place 
for warming up next to an outdoor fire when a chill sets in.

The weathered candlesticks from Balsam Hill are placed on the ground
adding just the right amount of ambiance

Their Majestic Pine wreath is dusted with a bit of faux snow
while a garland of metal letters 
spelling Joy, Peace and Noel is draped along the mantel.

Well that is about it for the condensed tour
but I have so much more to share with you 
More rooms, different stylings and more details 
along with our guest cottage decked for Christmas
 so make sure to follow along and check back to see those.

Hope you will head on over to  
Thoughts from Alice for the next stop-
which is another amazing inspiring home tour

and make sure to come back by here each day to see who else is participating 
The tour goes on all.week.long and is guaranteed to be
one that inspires.

You can also take a peek at all of the blogs participating in the tour 
today over at Jennifer Rizzo's and start the tour there

Happy December 1st!!!

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  1. oh how beautiful!!! i am such a lover of outdoor spaces & yours is perfection!!
    what a gorgeous home!
    merry Christmas

    1. Thank you Paige! I am a huge fan of outdoor living rooms as well! :)

  2. Gorgeous. I love the outdoor area, how fun to have a tree there also and the fireplace is fabulous. Your entire home looks so pretty and inviting.

    1. Thank you Marty! Appreciate you stopping by and saying hello!

  3. So, so beautiful! Your home tour is so stunning and I love your style. Wishing you a very happy December, but I know I'll be popping back for more inspiration. x

    1. Thank you Danielle! I was just thinking about our adventures on the road less traveled in the midwest the other day ;) Hope all is well with you!

  4. Beautiful! Love every inviting room and your fireplace is always eye candy.

  5. As always, had me full of oooohs and ahhhs! Love every, single detail!

  6. Your home, with all it's natural Christmas accents is simply beautiful Courtney! I wish I was brave enough to go natural one of these days! Love it all! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! Maybe just give natural a try-even in a small space- you might love the simplicity of it! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Courtney everything is absolutely stunning exquisite! Love. Love. Love!

    1. Thank you Alice! I love your home decked for Christmas too ~ happy to be on the Housewalk with you!

  8. courtney, your home is amazing! the living room is my favorite- love all the natural touches and mantle!

  9. oh my, i can stare at the office tree all day and think I am in a dream. just beautiful. Your outdoor space always makes me smile as it certainly is a place that I would love to hang out at. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thank you Laura- it is one of my favorites too! Happy Holidays to you as well!

  10. I do believe your home is simply perfect in every French Country Decor way. You have no idea how much you influence and inspire me daily. Stunning pictures of a warm home with a big heart!

    1. Thank you so much Rhonda- that is so sweet of you to say! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog! :)

  11. I'm in heaven. So lovely. Fresh greens are so much better thank fake. It's absolutely lovely.

    1. Thank you Beth! I am a little obsessed with fresh greens but in a good way ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Elegance and beauty in every corner .... magnificent details that says "Courtney was here"..... your home is always so beautiful and at Christmastime, your home lights up with sheer delight!...

  13. You have the dreamiest home Courtney! Love it all dressed up for Christmas!

  14. Breathtaking...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  15. What a gorgeous home. Picture-perfect.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  16. Great rooms and love the fresh greens. But you mentioned you took a lot of pictures. May I ask if you used your phone or a camera? If a camera which kind? Also do you use a photo editor before you load them to your blog? I'm asking because I follow you and hope to start my own blog one day soon. Thank you
    Barbara Ann

  17. Courtney, thank you so much for share your amazing home with us again! I am so happy to have you be a part of the tour!

  18. Everything is just beautifully done..down to your packages... loving all the softer colors...

  19. So beautiful, and I so love those linen stripped throw pillows on your sofa, would so have them on mine.

    Looking forward to what's to come.

    Joyeux Noël


  20. Courtney, you take such care and thought with your decorating and it is as beautiful at Christmas as always. Look forward to all the rest..Happy Monday..Judy

  21. Breathtaking and beYOND a "little" bit merry and a "little" bit bright! Your soft palette and ambiance makes your Christmas home absolutely magical! Happy Holidays!

  22. Wow everything is breathtakingly beautiful!! I love all your fresh greenery and especially the use of fresh bay leaves. Wonderful!

  23. So pretty!!! Love all the fresh greenery and of course, the flowers ;). Nicely done Courtney!

  24. Courtney everything is just breathtaking! I love every detail. Those trees make my heart skip a beat!

  25. Courtney- So beautiful, I'm loving all the fresh greenery in your home! Sarah Macklem

  26. Absolutely love everything, what beautiful taste you have!! Although I don't blog much any more I still follow you all. Merry Christmas

  27. Courtney everything is AMAZING as always!!! I feel like I was just wrapped up in a warm blanket after seeing all of these cozy photos and it's like you waved a magic wand over your home. So thrilled to be part of the housewalk with you!

  28. You have such a beautiful, elegant style, Courtney! I absolutely love your home! Every last touch is just gorgeous!

  29. Your house is stunning & gorgeous in every way!! It feels so warm & cozy, thank you for inspiring us! Happy Holidays!!! Jen- City Farmhouse

  30. Love every last detail! Your home, style and photography is always an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing.


  31. Hi Courtney!!!

    Your house is so welcoming and breathtaking GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Do you often get from your family comments that your taste in decorating is so beautiful? Families seeing the house overtime doesn't recognize a change or two. Does your family notice changes that you've made? Just curious and if you don't feel free to answer, that's okay. I don't mean to pry, but, I am curious because my hubby and two boys very seldom notice change and then when I point it out, they go, "Hey!!! That's nice!!!' And yet they've walked by it for two weeks.

    Have a great week ahead!!!


  32. This is positively breathtaking!!!! Loved every single picture..gets me excited for the holidays:)