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Pretty Packages

Pretty papers
Pretty ribbons

Pretty packages.

The prettiest of paper wrapped presents
all stacked together under the tree makes a beautiful display
and choosing those papers wisely can make them part of the decoration.

Since it is mad dash shopping and wrapping time as Christmas is just over a week away
I thought I would share some of my favorites 
for making all those presents pretty for gift giving
 and while they are under the tree.

#1. Red & White

Red & white stripes wrapped with a soft pale pink bow-
sigh... it's simply love.
This paper is pretty enough to leave just as it is but add
 a reindeer ornament as a package topper 
and it is perfection.

#2 Shoot for the Stars

Simple gold with white stars- seriously another favorite paper this year.
I love the simplicity and yet glam feeling this one has. 
Gold and silver papers are always a dazzling hit- and they don't have to be shiny.
Subtle matte metallics are perfect for an understated elegance
Tie with a grosgrain ribbon and a sprig of cedar.

#3. Whimsy

Oh this Santa paper- seriously adorable.

Brown paper printed with a muted pattern is so sweet and charming
for a whimsical feeling under the tree.  I love the simplicity of the paper
and the pattern that lets the charm of the rustic Santa scene come through.

#4. Gilded Hearts 

This is actually not a traditional wrapping paper- I found it at the craft store
and it was just a printed art paper.
But who says wrapping paper has to be wrapping paper? 

I thought it would be perfect for a few gifts
for the photos in Romantic Lifestyle Magazine 
when there was no holiday wrapping paper to be found yet.

#5. Brown Paper Packages 

Tied up with strings... or a satin ribbon :)
Brown painters paper is perfect for a rustic chic look under your tree. 
It is economical as you can buy a huge amount in a roll at Lowe's and use it on 
a ton of packages. For a little shabby elegance- tie with a satin ribbon and top with a dried rose.

#6. Simple Whites

Another easy one and you can mix and mingle patterns like subtle stripes
and embossing. Keep your ribbons a similar color- but vary the sizes
and add a pop of color like the red berries to white packages for an extra special touch.

#7. Scandinavian Christmas 

Mr. Reindeer again, because I love him on this one too.
The soft Scandinavian pattern on this paper is so pretty
and mixing the red stripes with this one creates a charming display.

You can find the papers here

Scandinavian & Santa- Ikea
Red Stripe- CVS
Gold Star- HomeGoods
Brown Paper- Lowe's
 White paper- HomeGoods

Happy wrapping everyone!!

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  1. I am so behind...I don't have that much to wrap...we do more extravagant I like to go all out on what I do wrap

  2. All stunningly beautiful. xo Catherine

  3. Loving wrapping, very inspirational! Have a Merry Merry Christmas! Rié | Portobello Design Blog

  4. Oh Courtney I love all of your pretty packages...honestly would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. So lovely and your photography, as always, is simply stunning!
    XO Barbara

  5. Your presents are beautifully wrapped. Wrapping presents is another way of showing we care for the person we are gifting them to. I like the idea of the presents being part of the Christmas decoration too, so I choose the paper, ribbon and adornments very carefully. Warm regards

  6. I love the white paper with pretty pastel ribbons. I did that last year and it all looked amazing under the tree.

  7. I love wrapping, and finding just the right paper for just the right gift is sometime more important then the gift it's self. It shows you put a lot of thought into the gift you chose for them.
    I have had theme wrapping where my sister and I get together and plan a theme and all the wrapping in done in the same tones, or same wrapping.

    Love your paper choices, and can't leave out your choice to wrap on retro Santa this year.

    Courtney, your trees look amazing with all the assortment of gifts under them.

    See you soon.


  8. I have been wrapping all day, wish I'd read this first, so beautiful and inspirational, thank you thank you!!

  9. sono convinta che la confezione conti quanto il regalo... e mi piace farlo da me!