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5 Random things

Oh random Saturday... 
how I love thee.

With no set agenda other than talking about whatever it is that strikes your fancy
you are definitely one of the most fun posts to write each week.
I feel like we are sitting down for coffee. 
And discussing different things that really don't go together at all at one time.
Which is kind of what it would be like if we met for coffee once a week. 
A mish mash catch up session of thoughts and musings

This week- it's all about the beach.
 The roses.
And the project.

#1. New gear

I ordered some new gear for the new year and it arrived yesterday. 
A new lens for my camera and a new tripod that I was in desperate need of since the other one was just not cutting it with my heavy camera. 

Let's just say I spent a lot of time tightening it up to stay put and holding onto the strap of my camera while it was on the tripod just in case 
because that tripod it had a different idea of what it wanted to do.
It had been known to try and murder my camera on several occasions.
The two of them just didn't get along well.
 So we had to break up and my new chunky giving me weight lifting bonus points tripod 
and I are bonding as we speak and I will be shooting some -wait for it- flowers ;) today.
I will share the difference that the right lens and the right tripod can make in a post soon.

#2. The Beach

I belong at the beach.
 Every day.
 The sound of the birds and the water against the sand.
The sun warming me and the fresh sea air.
I cannot get enough. 

The beach is my 1st choice spot to go for a getaway in California
and a spot where we steal a few days  quite often.
 In between rejuvenating at the beach, it is a place we
 dream of a move and building down the road 

#3. Inspiring me

What's inspiring me this week?
I am starting up a new series on the blog all about what is catching my eye
 and inspiring me each week.
 For starters- this gray toile is definitely inspiring me
 (More on that coming your way too.)

 From interiors to colors to fashion- I will dish on my latest and greatest loves.
 I love to see what inspires through someone else's eyes
 because sometimes it spurs you to notice things that you might not have otherwise.
Look for the first post next week.

#4. Covered in paint and sawdust.

I am spending this weekend covered in paint- and a little bit of sawdust too
and no, there is no photo to prove it,  but it's happening. ;)
Putting the finishing touches on that big project and just waiting on a couple things to arrive before the reveal. Stay tuned!

#5. Blue & White Crushing

This week I shared that I was crushing on blue. And white. And toile. 
Well you get it.

The obsession continues and has now inspired me to start collecting a few new pieces.
That Blue Willow plate wall? 
It might be changing a bit as I have found a few new pieces to add in.

That's it for today-
happy weekend everyone!!!

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  1. I love the post. Your blue and white tranfer wall is beautiful. I am excited to see your big reveal!

    1. Thank you Susan! The blue & white wall is a favorite of mine too!

  2. Love all these shots - and I need that blue willow teacup in my life!!


  3. I don't know how your photos could get any more gorgeous than they already are but I will love to read your post on photography tips! Can't wait to see your new project!

  4. Gorgeous photos, Courtney! Would love to know what camera you shoot with?

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  5. I love the randomness. What kind of glass did you get for your camera or is that coming up in future blogs? I love the idea of flowers in a blog -- even though I write mostly a food blog. Well, between you and me, I just love flowers and taking photos of them.

  6. I love the toile fabric I can't wait to see what you are up to.

  7. I've always loved your plate wall! Can't wait to see your new pieces.

  8. What a great blog post! It gave me a great idea for my own blog. Hope you don't mind me borrowing the 5 Random idea. :)

  9. Great post! Such an easy going and a great look into your weekend!

    I am crushing on blue and white as well and Blue Willow plates and tea cups are becoming an obsession of mine! I love your plate wall it looks amazing! Such a great way to display plateware.

    Thanks for a great share!

    Lauren Baxter
    LB Designs