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Random Weekend Five

It is a random weekend over here again.
A few  thoughts, observations and interesting things from the week
all rolled into one.

Including flowers- especially on a chilly February day.
 Flowers feel like a burst  of Spring sunshine.

1. Rainy day 

Yes, it has been raining over here.
As in- it is raining. A lot.  
So, this weekend I am staying indoors near the fire and working
 on getting a few posts photographed and ready for next week 
and doing a little Spring cleaning.
Oh... and since I like to put up so many Christmas trees every year 
and it definitely takes me just a little bit of time to get them all up, 

I started putting the first one up the other day. 

Just kidding. 
I am working on a special styling project and it happens to involve
 this amazingly gorgeous  Balsam Hill flocked tree.  
So... a little
going on over here.

2. A Road Less Traveled 

We took a road less traveled out in the wilderness the other day. 
For the past couple of weeks, my husband, daughter and I have been taking off
 driving out into the mountains or to a lake
or even just somewhere different in the middle of nowhere to do some hiking. 
This looked a little bit of a nothing road when we happened upon it- 
so of course we followed it. You just never know...

iphone photo

That little, barely traveled road led to a little area that was near the edge of a mountain 
that was just a bit rocky, with a meadow to one side
 and this random rocky pool of water on the other.

iphone photo

So crazy right? But so pretty. 
You just never know where that road is going to lead.

3. Working on...

A post with turquoise green edged books and dried roses
Yes, turquoise green...
they are gorgeous and the story about them involves a yard sale
Coming your way this week.

4. Crazy for Cashews

Why? Why does my husband bring this home right after I made that decadent peanut butter cheesecake... and have been cutting back on delicious things like this? 
Because he knew it would be amazing of course. 
Have you tried it before? I am a little on the fence about it.
 (which is not a bad thing right now) 
It does taste amazing- and just like cashews but it might be a little too salty for me.
I will say though-I tried it spread on a piece of toast
and if that keeps up... I might be in trouble.

5. Thinking Spring 

Over at Ebay the other day
I rounded up 3 simple and pretty looks for decorating a mantel for Spring. 
Any idea which one is my favorite?

I am just starting to think about how I will decorate the mantels this year,
but I am pretty sure fresh flowers or plants of some kind will be involved.

I hope all my friends affected by all the storms going on 
are safe and sound.

Happy weekend everyone.

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1 comment

  1. I love looking at your photos. for some reason they always make me smile -- especially the flowers. When you are shooting your photos , do you play music, like in setting the mood. I was thinking of the flocked balsam and the fa la las. Your hubby is certainly a little devil -- that jar wouldn't last long in our house. Buona Giornata!!