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A little brass lamp

Do you ever find something that is the perfect color
the perfect size
and the perfect style?

So much so
that you can't stop thinking about it?

Yeah, me too.
Though honestly, most of the time it happens to me when I have been shopping 
at a flea market or thrift store and by the time that overwhelming feeling starts gaining ground
that treasure 
is already long gone.

I hate that.
You can't even call around to see if another store has it
or wait to see if it will come back in stock.
You are stuck with searching places like Ebay and endless Craigslist ads and yard sales
just keeping fingers crossed you will bump into another one
all while slapping yourself for 
letting the first one get away.

So when I saw this little brassy lamp at Pottery Barn
and I felt that twinge of love and envisioned the possibilities
I knew I just needed to order it and give it a try.

Those little details
that gold color
that metal lampshade that is so vintage inspired
not to mention it is the perfect size for a side table or bedroom.
You can just say that 
I was in love pretty much the moment
 it came out of the box.

I am playing with it as we speak 
and this little piece of goodness just might inspire a few changes in the guest bedroom
sharing just a peek for now but  stay tuned- a spring refresh is on the way.

I am getting back in the swing of things over here 
and getting to work on some big projects that are coming up over the next few months
That might involve
even one that just might involve a little Christmas. 

Happy Monday everyone

*this is the Oliver lamp at Pottery Barn
and on sale currently- which is even better! :)

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  1. Ohhhhhh... that lamp is just gorgeous! Love it! :)

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Cette petite lampe est très chic !... J'aime beaucoup également vos photos.

    ❀ ✿ Gros bisous ✿ ❀

  3. Pottery Barn needs you to style for them. The lamp looks entirely different in your space than in their images. It is so sweet.

  4. Beautiful!!! I absolutely love that lamp!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Beautiful, and so you!

    Looking forward to the styling in the upcoming.


  6. It is beautiful and I am I trying really, really hard to prevent myself from clicking over to the Pottery Barn website right now and ordering one myself! :)
    Michelle from

  7. You always know and it always looks soooo good !!!! I sure wish i had your eye !

  8. That is exactly how I felt about that little summery octopus pillow that must have swooned me enough to miss this little brassy treasure

  9. I'm falling for it too, but I don't need it! '-)
    Have fun with the redo of your guest room.

  10. I wouldn't have been able to resist it either!! I know just the place where it would look great at our house ;-) Good pick!!

  11. Love that sweet Oliver lamp...and I missed it...the brass and bronze are sold out so I'll just enjoy it at your house! xx