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What is your style?

The other day, I took a little quiz that was 
all about 'Style'.

It involved choosing a few images that inspired me 
and a big old design calculator
 that factored this and that and the other thing 
 and then gave me an idea about just what my style might be.

So, it got me thinking... 
 how would you define your style?

Are you farmhouse?
A little glam?
A little rustic maybe?
French influenced? 
 Or maybe leaning towards being a master at modern design?

There are so many facets to design styles- 
are you even able to sum it up in one word?
Not sure I am.

HomeGoods has a fun tool called the Stylescope- 
that is all about helping you to find your style and putting a name on it.
 Then it suggests some fun things you might like
what to look for when shopping, etc.

I played with the Stylescope back when I first started working with HomeGoods 
and can you guess what my style was?

Farmhouse Glam.

That one paragraph about Who is Farmhouse Glam 
 summed me up pretty well so, yes, I was impressed with how accurate it was.

Recently, HomeGoods asked me to take the quiz again
 just to see if my style had changed and if it had- what I would be now.
What do you think?
Am I the same style or have I changed and am something different now?

Find out in my post  over at the  DesignHappy  blog this week-
 and then take the StyleScope quiz yourself to see what style you might be!
I would love to know if you think it is correct!

Another fun HomeGoods thing~  I am off to the Big Apple this week.
Not only am I super excited to be going to one of my most favorite cities in the US-
 it is a double exciting trip since HomeGoods is involved!

Stay tuned for more details and you can also 
follow me along on Instagram  to see snippets of what we are up to
while I am there.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. My style sort of varies from home to home. In Argentina, it was French .. we lived in an apt that was built in the French style.. french doors, high high ceilings, furniture, mirrors etc. Now I am in the US and this house requires a more modern look .. but I want to live in an older character house so my style will change to that .. Luckily, I have many antiques and mirrors (crystal chandeliers) so wherever I live, the furniture blends in well.

  2. I took the Quiz and it tells me that I am "Sassy". Well maybe, however, my style is to blend the splendid with the humble. In my Italian Farmhouse, which we designed and built in the middle of an Alfalfa field, Antiques rule the scene.

  3. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Je pense qu'au cours des années notre style évolue, change... En ce qui me concerne j'aime apporte ma note dans une maison de caractère, une maison qui a une âme avec laquelle je puisse conjuguer au présent.
    Un très joli billet.

    ❀ Gros bisous ❀

  4. I am a farmhouse glam too. Love that!!

  5. I am farmhouse glam too! Have fun in NYC!

  6. Thank you for sharing this, it was fun! I self-describe myself in the tagline of my blog as having a classic style with a touch of whimsy. The test labeled me as classic with a touch of boho. I'm paraphrasing, but it basically said I have a classic, refined aesthetic (classic), with a love of rehabbing, reusing, and refurbishing (boho). I'm amazed at how dead-on it was, they could've written the tagline for me!! :)

  7. I too have taken this quiz before, but I took it again to see if my style was the same. It is. Farmhouse Glam with a touch of Boho. Although, when I look around my house I see touches of classic and country which tells me that my style has changed from what it used to be. Of course, much of what I have was inherited so I'm incorporating other's style in with my own. I guess after thirty years of marriage you could say my style is "collected". :)

  8. Fun little test. It described me as Classic. Spot on! I even found a new blog through their recommendations.

  9. Farmhouse glam and a touch classic :) Haha! Thanks for this fun link! Your style is always inspiring!

  10. That is so funny , I do love glamour and animal prints glitz and chandeliers

    thanks for giving us this fun quiz